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It's been almost two years since brought heroine Katniss Everdeen to life in The Hunger Games, but the story and inspiring female lead made a lasting impact. Just ask the residents of Rockport, Massachusetts.

That's where 12-year-old Megan Gething saved her friend's life last weekend using quick action and skills that she credits to The Hunger Games. Gething was playing with friends in a marsh when her friend slipped in mud and gashed her leg open on a metal pump.

Instead of panicking, Gething jumped into survival mode. She used a pair of her friend's shorts to tie a tourniquet around the wound to reduce the blood loss while sending another friend to get help.

Discussing the incident with Gloucester Times, Gething credits her actions to the first book in the Hunger Games series. In the novel, Katniss uses a part of her sleeve and an arrow to create a tourniquet for Peeta's injured leg:

"I knew it from a book I read... I figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding."

Gething's bravery and calm composure most likely saved her friend's life. Doctors were worried that bacteria from the marsh could have infected the wound, but after performing surgery to check for infection and muscle/nerve damage, doctors found there was no cause for extra concern; Gething's friend would make a complete recovery.

Gething's heroics are a perfect example of how movies and books can make a positive impact on young minds. Never take for granted something you learn from fictional characters — as you can see, those lessons stay with us. Rest easy, Massachusetts, you have a real-life Katniss in your midst.

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