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Girls actor Adam Driver has landed a pretty sweet role that comes in the form of Martin Scorsese’s much anticipated movie, Silence.

The movie, which is set in the seventeenth century, will follow two young Portuguese Jesuits who travel to Japan in order to track down their missing mentor, Cristóvão Ferreira. Word on the Jesuit grapevine is that their mentor has abdicated from the Catholic faith. This is the unholiest of music to any young Jesuits ears. Sounds like a fantastic Baroque romp.

Adam Driver. Photo taken by Terry Richardson

Adam Driver has gained a lot of exposure following his role in Lena Dunham's girls, and is considered the breakout star of the series. The actor, despite his relatively short time spent in front of the camera, has already clocked up screen time working with numerous big time directors including ("J. Edgar"), ("Frances Ha"), ("Lincoln") and the Coen Brothers ("Inside Llewyn Davis"). Good work Adam.

It has not been announced which exact role will be taking in Silence, but with rumors that is planning to start filming the movie later this year in July, and with his popularity and fan base growing, we should expect that it will be a good one.

So what do you think about this announcement? Excited to see Adam swap his Girls` birthday suit for sixteenth century clobber? Let us know in the comment box below, or rant at me on twitter.


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