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Remember that super steamy Season 4 sex scene in Lena Dunham's Girls that features Marnie bent over the kitchen sink getting her ass eaten out — or, to quote Allison Williams, the actress who plays her, getting her "salad tossed" — by her ex-husband, Desi? Of course you do, who could forget a scene that not only involves analingus but a full on butt-based motorboating sequence?

It makes sense then, given that talks openly and frequently about all things sex — from threesomes to fondles, parental to perverted — that they'd pay tribute to such an iconic scene in the show's final season. In a raunchy remix of sorts, Season 6 will apparently feature a sexy moment that's somewhat reminiscent of Season 4's big rim. However this time, Desi has been swapped out for a far more unassuming character: Ray.

Did someone order salad? 'Girls' [Credit: HBO]
Did someone order salad? 'Girls' [Credit: HBO]

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Teasing the tongue twister to Vulture, Alex Karpovsky (Ray) stated:

“It’s not in the first two episodes. Me and Marnie, we re-create a sex scene that she had with Desi, and it was really weird.”

Before Williams chimed in to affirm that it will be "evocative of that certain other situation.”

It'll be an interesting leap of lingus for Ray, who up until now has been the most sexually vanilla character of the bunch, opting for a more traditional bed game than his kinky companions. Even Karpovsky has described the upcoming scene as "pretty out there for him," before stating that Shosh, who's far from being the most boom-boom-shake-the-room, led the way in his first on-screen sexy.

It would seem that rather than just bashing out another rimming scene for nostalgic fodder, this one is going to be a kind of "remix" with a "totally different visceral energy," approached from a "different angle." And that's cool with us — as long as it ain't a worm's eye view — which, Dunham being Dunham, it very well could be.

Check out the trailer for Girls' final season below:

Would you love to see Ray in a super kinky sex scene?

(Source: Vulture)

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