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(WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the films mentioned. You've been warned.)

Feeling like a good, romantic chick flick or a girls night in, but not in the mood for language, sex or nudity? Sure, we love Titanic, The Notebook and Fifty Shades, but seeing some other girl's boobs every five seconds can get a bit overrated. So, we have compiled a list of five without your usual LSN ratings that are so clean even your uptight mother-in-law will enjoy them.

1. 'The Princess Diaries 2'

If you liked the first movie then you are sure to love its sequel. In this movie, our favorite clumsy princess has to marry an eligible bachelor in order to become queen. She picks a bright young pilot (played by Callum Blue) as her betrothed. Problems soon arise when bad boy bachelor Nicholas Deveraux (played by Star Trek hottie Chris Pine) tries to woo her (with his own hidden agenda). With never-ending laughs, a musical scene that will hit you right in the feels, and some girl power, this movie is sure to boost up your spirits as well as your girl's night in.

2. 'Step Up'

Sure, there are five Step Up movies and they all are great, but I am talking about the original , starring our favorite real-life couple, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum. When a guy from the bad side of town gets sentenced to community service at a school chock full of privileged young artists and performers, you might think that this is a recipe for a teen angst movie. But the moment Tatum pirouetted like a boss, we all fell in love with this magical heartthrob, pun intended. Love and dancing is all you need to keep your chick flick night going.

3. 'Pride And Prejudice'

What movie night, be it a girls night or not, is complete without Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? We all have wished for our own Mr. Darcy at some point in our lives, and Matthew Macfadyen's portrayal is no exception. Watching Elizabeth and Darcy's love unfold is almost as beautiful as watching a sunset over the horizon.

4. 'Bride Wars'

Hell hath no fury than a bride scorned. Well, at least not in Bride Wars. On-screen besties Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are excited when both their significant others propose. This excitement quickly turns into a full-on, woman-against-woman war when both their weddings are accidentally booked on the same date at the same venue. These two know no limits when it comes to sabotage and getting what you want; Hathaway even stoops as low as to mess with Hudson's hair. Did no one teach her basic girl code? And as a bonus, a pre-ripped Chris Pratt stars as Anne Hathaway's fiancé.

5. 'La La Land'

A girl's night is not a girl's night without at least one music-filled flick. What better musical than the star-studded ? In this movie we have jazz pianist Ryan Gosling who falls in love with struggling actress Emma Stone. With a nostalgic tone and toe-tapping musical numbers, this movie is the perfect finish to a perfect, clean girl's night in.

With these five movies your girl's night should be as clean as a bar of soap.


Which movie did you enjoy watching the most?


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