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Ever since the Season 1 finale of Scream Queens aired in December of last year, fans are dying to find out what has become of the Chanels, Dean Munsch, Hester and the rest of the crew. With promises of delving deeper into the insidious nature of the show this season, Ryan Murphy also plans to deliver twice the laughs as well.

So far we know from the trailer that not only will there be a change of venue this season, but clearly Chanel Oberlin and her minions remained intact from the Red Devil's surprise attack in last season's finale. We can also look forward to some hunky additions to the cast this season as well. With the tragic losses that struck Dickie Dollar Scholars at the hands of the Red Devil killers, us Scream Queens fans are overdue for some sexy new eye candy. We can also expect to see Kappa house's resident genius and voice of reason Zayday Williams, along with "New New Feminism," founder Dean Munsch, and of course everyone's favorite sociopathic poo-bellied outcast, Hester. What has become of them all since we saw them last? I, for one, am excited to find out.

The September 20 Season 2 premiere of Scream Queens is rapidly approaching. With only a few days left to spare before its gloriously bloody return, there is no time like the present to indulge in these totally fear-rooted, babe-dominated, morbidly delightful and sinister chic-flick horror movies:

15. Slumber Party Massacre

An indisputable cult and sleepover classic.

14. Heathers

With all the Heathers references in Scream Queens, how could we not include this fan favorite?

13. The Craft

The Craft taught us that backyard seances and Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board were the only way to spend summer vacation with our girlfriends.

12. Practical Magic

I don't know a pair of sisters that watched Practical Magic and didn't totally love it. I was totally more of a Gillian, which sister were you?

11. Ginger Snaps

If you love this one make sure to watch the sequels; Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.

10. The Moth Diaries

The Moth Diaries reminds us of the mysterious sex appeal that vampires exude and is basically a boy-free movie making it a spooky and extra feminine Girl's Night In choice

9. I Spit On Your Grave

Brutally creative, disturbingly honest and spitefully satisfying; either this 2010 remake or the incredible 1978 original film are a must-see, so long as you have a strong stomach.

8. Death Proof

Who didn't enjoy Tarantino's beloved female-fueled tale of retribution, Death Proof?

7. Eat

Eating disorders, work drama, and man problems magnified and twisted by the grotesque beauty of the horror genre. Girly and gory, Eat is grossly underrated.

6. Teeth

Vagina dentata could arguably be a woman's greatest defense against sexual assault. I'm just saying if vaginal teeth were to exist, Brock Turners of the world: BEWARE.

5. Zombie Strippers

For all the black-light-beauty horror buffs and proud, gore-loving exhibitionist. Plus, Zombie Strippers is hilarious, so the comedy factor alone makes this gem worthy of your time.

4. Repo! The Genetic Opera

Futuristic and fun, what musical-loving horror fan wouldn't enjoy watching a macabre musical like Repo! The Genetic Opera?

3. Ava's Possessions

Satirical, fresh and feminine; Ava's Possessions is a totally chic-friendly addition to the horror-comedy sub genre as well as your next Girl's Night festivities.

2. The Final Girls

Witty, silly and cast full of household names, The Final Girls is both adorable and entertaining.

1. All Cheerleaders Die

If there is anything Ryan Murphy, (creator of Scream Queens), has in common with All Cheerleaders Die writer/director Lucky McKee, it's that they both have a tendency to lean towards stories with strong, bold women, and can make you laugh your socks right off, if they so wish to. Although this list is not compiled in any preferential order, I will say that All Cheerleaders Die is a top recommendation for your next girly-horror venture.

Now, back to waiting patiently for the release of part two.

That's our list of 15 awesome movies all are laced together with feminine themes, unique stories and twisted humor. There should be plenty of titles to help occupy your pretty little mind as we continue to await Scream Queens return to Fox on September 20.

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