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Ok, let me not lie. I will be there to see the movie anyway. I will just tune out. I promise I will shut my mouth about this issue permanently; I have to strike back as a person that is NOT a fan of this casting. Nothing has been more annoying than those that bring up how the fans reacted with the casting of (Batman), (Joker) (Bond), etc. I think fans had legitimate reasons to not like those initial choices, and now more than ever, there a reason to totally dislike the casting choice of Affleck as Batman. Let me break down some of the prior situations of castings and compare them to Batfleck.

Michael Keaton: Batman

Keaton was known for his comedic roles. Naturally, casting him as Batman would shock the fans. My goodness, the man was Beetle Juice. How can you take that, and turn it into the dark knight?! While, Keaton turned out to be a decent Batman, his performance as Bruce Wayne wasn’t that great. Either way, you have to admit it was still an Iconic performance.

Heath Ledger: The Joker

Heath was known for his serious performances. He wasn’t famous for comedic performances, or appeared as a villain onscreen. Well, at least not to my knowledge. Naturally, the idea of Ledger playing Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, seemed farfetched. Especially, with this world Nolan created with the first Batman movie. Of course Ledger exceeded everyone’s expectation by leaps and bounds, not just because he is a good actor, but finally fans received the Joker they wanted…thanks to great script writing!

Daniel Craig: James Bond

Daniel Craig was a virtual unknown until he landed the role of James Bond. At the time, I think the overall fan perception was he didn’t really fit the personality and character of Bond. With close to 50 years of Bond films, and 5 different Bond actors, Daniel Craig was a casting choice that broke the mold. This made no difference to me either way. The way I see it, as long as they choose a British guy, it shouldn’t be that hard. However, Daniel Craig is doing just fine as James Bond to me.

The problem with Ben Affleck

Some fans say give him a chance blah blah…. Affleck has frequented all genre of film, and has only excelled in comedy and drama. I mean look at these pictures… Where is the brooding, intimidating type we seek in a Batman/Bruce Wayne? People talk about the awards he’s won…yes, NONE OF WHICH ARE FOR ACTING!! He has tried action, Paycheck, Daredevil, Sum of All Fears, Reindeer Games, and IMO none of those films were up to the standard of what action should be. His performances weren’t that great either. Yes, he was good in The Town, but that’s one movie. When you look at Ben Affleck, he just doesn’t seem to have that edge, or embody that personality of Batman. He has a diverse list of performances, that aren’t necessarily all good. I think that adds fuel to the casting debate, at least for me. Now, if all this seems overly opinionated, and biased GREAT! I just wanted to get this off my chest before I explode.

I would have preferred to see these actors as Batman… it won’t happen, but a girl can dream :


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