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The new year is full of good news for DC fans, from The CW's renewal of its Arrowverse shows to the latest DCEU rumor that Warner Bros. is developing a Green Lantern Corps film that features both John Stewart and Hal Jordan.

Of course, most fans would like to forget 2011's Green Lantern, which starred Ryan Reynolds as Jordan. It was both a critical and financial disaster, earning a mere 26 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and barely making back its $200 million production budget.

After that debacle, along with the DCEU's other troubles, it's understandable why many people would be skeptical about Green Lantern Corps — but here's why we should give it a chance.

John Stewart Will Finally Get His Chance To Shine

One of the problems that younger fans had with the original Green Lantern movie is that wasn't the Lantern they grew up with. For some people, including myself, is synonymous with the emerald ring wielder. After all, he was the face used to rep the Lanterns in the .

Unlike Hal, John's a natural leader with a more serious demeanor. His uncanny ability to wield the power of the Lantern comes naturally to him, being named Oan Honor Guard and the chief trainer for new Lantern recruits. Now, thanks to the DCEU, fans will get to see a live-action depiction of this great character.

John was the second (technically third) Green Lantern of Sector 2814. He was more than just a former Marine sniper and architect — he was also an activist. He fought against racial injustices and stereotypes on and off the pages, becoming one of the first black superheroes to not have "black" associated with his hero name. Along with the much-needed representation, audiences are just going to love this guy.

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Hal Jordan Deserves Better

'Green Lantern' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Green Lantern' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If you have zero faith in Warner Bros., who can blame you? In 2011 fans thought they were getting a proper introduction to the original face of 's Green Lantern. We thought we were getting the underdog hero who struggled in his efforts to prove his worth as a hero. We got the most forgettable, cookie-cutter superhero movie ever.

I applaud Reynolds for shouldering the blame — and it was a team screwup, not just his fault — but that was then, this is now. With a reboot, Warner Bros. has an opportunity to do right by the man who’s considered by some as "the greatest Green Lantern of them all."

The 'Buddy Cop' Dynamic Will Work Better Than A Solo Lantern Movie

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Deadline describes Green Lantern Corps as “Lethal Weapon in space,” a superhero take on the 1987 classic that starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Gibson's Riggs was out of control, and Glover's far more restrained Murtaugh was "too old for this s**t."

Seeing the same dynamic between Hal and John? Sounds like a pretty dope idea to me. (Hal Jordan originally didn’t initially like John Stewart, considering him unworthy of wielding the emerald ring.) If the Lethal Weapon comparison is true, then we are in for an action-packed space adventure and clash of personalities.

It matters who's playing those personalities. For John Stewart, there has been the longtime fan favorite Idris Elba (who currently plays Heimdall in Marvel’s Thor franchise), but no actor has lobbied for the role harder than Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson. Sterling K. Brown is another name you can add to the list; the American Crime Story and This is Us star just threw his name in the hat via Twitter, and we love it.

As for Hal Jordan, rumors have circulated around Armmie Hammer and Jamie Dornan — but there's a chance Ryan Reynolds could return to the role to redeem the original.

It’s way too early to tell whether Green Lantern Corps will fare better than its predecessor, but it's clear that Warner Bros. really wants to make things right — and until then, we should keep an open mind.


Does the news of a "'Lethal Weapon' in space" Green Lantern movie excite you?

(Source: Deadline)


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