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Alisha Grauso

Glee's multitalented has been a busy boy this summer, with a whirlwind tour of Europe to promote his novels Struck by Lightning and The Land of Stories (a NYTimes-bestselling series). Actor, singer, dancer, writer, producer, and also kind of hilarious, he's done more at age 23 than I've done in my entire life at age--well, that's not important. Perhaps if I hadn't thrown away that deal with the devil for those *N'Sync tickets when I was a kid...

Anyway, we can add "adorable postcard Instagrammer" to his list of skills, because he's been busy sharing his experiences with the world via his Instagram account. He can even make the Downton Abbey castle look even better:

Fans of Harry Potter should recognize that last pic: Number Four Privet Drive, home of the Dursleys.


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