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Just when you thought you have recovered from the shock of watching our favorite former pizza delivery boy pulverized into pieces before our eyes during Episode 1 of , Glenn Rhee has risen from the dead to show you his injuries in all their gory glory!

Episode director and special effects makeup master Greg Nicotero has posted a whole series of images on his Instagram account which shows exactly what Glenn's injuries really looked like, and also shows how they created them. Ready to see some thoroughly grim shit? Dive in:

The makeup test

Here we have a behind-the-scenes image of a make up test on Steven Yeun, ahead of his big scene. You can just see where the SFX team of Kevin Wasner and Kerrin Jackson have blended in Glenn's popped eye prosthesis, and also the rather uncomfortable level of detail that went into his skull injury. No wonder Glenn was barely able to talk after Lucille literally tore into his brain.

The model

Here's the model used for Glenn's head injuries, which really allows you to see the grave head wounds that Lucille dished out. Without hair in the way you can really see exactly where Lucille smashed down across the top of his head.

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The final look

With the hair piece on and the blood added, Steven Yeun was already to get on set and say Glenn's final words before being smashed to a pulp by Negan.

Oh god, sorry Glenn [AMC]
Oh god, sorry Glenn [AMC]

RIP Glenn, rest in pieces.


Were you impressed by how the special effects team created Glenn's injuries?


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