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The 1980s hold a soft place in our hearts, as proven by the smash-hit show Stranger Things. Riding in on this wave of enthusiasm and nostalgia comes a sleeper hit you'd never thinl would get your motor going. The show's name? GLOW. The show actually has a premise you'd never realize truly existed — and captivated hundreds of thousands (if not millions) — in the 80's. The show's name stands for: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Yeah, as in the real-life GLOW.

Oddly enough, the show isn't just one that will keep you entertained on the wrestling side of things. It's a show that will keep you entertained because of the elements that help make it a sitcom and wrestling hit. The show is based on real-life characters such as: Palestina, Jailbait, Ashley Cartier, Corporal Kelly, and even Sunny the California Girl.

GLOW Is Absolutely Amazing And Quite The Show To Binge

The Ladies of 'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]
The Ladies of 'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]

When Orange is the New Black hit the internet, curiosity got to all of us when we first started watching the dramedy. It was a show that was different from everything that was out at the time. The show intensely focused on women's perspectives as they told their stories. The characters existing within the show's depiction of imprisonment made them feel like someone you know. The characters were addictive and fun.

Just like Stranger Things, we weren't able to stop watching as the story unfolded before us. A story that inevitably screamed a bad situation would happen was something we came to accept as the characters we loved were challenged by mishaps. Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive's GLOW is astoundingly fun and creative. It's one of the most promising debuts of 2017 next to Season 2 of Stranger Things, which is set within the same period as GLOW: The '80s.

What Is GLOW About?

'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]
'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]

In the 1980s, GLOW became a success thanks to the WWE. It was an all-women's organization that followed the same vein as wrestling. They all aspired to be actresses, models, stunt women or even the woman on TV you heard whispers about boasting serious talent. Their only difference? They all fell into wrestling while trying to find their place in life. Even if you aren't a fan of wrestling, GLOW is uniquely creative, so much so that it's hard to look away as these women begin their careers.

Our main character Ruth is one that you may relate to Piper from Orange is the New Black, not because she's a leading female, but because she's pretentious and even a bit more self-centered than Piper. Thanks to the talents of Alison Brie, Ruth is a character you can come to love as she comes to center stage. Because of the amazing casting choices made by Mensch and Flahive, GLOW is a show that brings to life the humor we all need thanks to the variety of ladies you'll be watching.

GLOW's Casting Displays Each Of The Women's Unique Strengths In Their Characters

Sheila the She-wolf Skating. 'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]
Sheila the She-wolf Skating. 'GLOW' [Credit: Netflix]

Much as you would expect, each of the ladies are unique. Brie's character is flexible, quick and cocky. However, off screen she's clumsy and selfish. Characters such as Bash (Chris Lowell) are enjoyable because of his obsession with wrestling. To add variety, you have characters such as Sheila the She-Wolf (Gayle Rankin), who serves as one of the most entertaining members of the group. She appears as the monosyllabic goth who seems to have stumbled into the likes of Conan the Barbarian's chest of furs while trying to be a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Then you have characters such as Rhonda (Kate Nash), who takes on the wrestling persona Britannica, a Nobel-prize winning scientist in spandex. While creativity seems like it may be lacking, Nash drives the role home with her ability to appear as her character, making her as believable as ever.

While I could drive on and on about how admirable the show is, why don't I just tell you this: GLOW is the show you should be watching right now on Netflix. If it's not, it should be.

What would your wrestling persona be?


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