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Update (August 10, 2017): Netflix has ordered a second season of GLOW from the creative team of Jenji Kohan, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, Deadline reports. Considering the show's instant breakout popularity, this isn't a huge surprise — but it is very welcome news for GLOW fans everywhere!

First of all, let me just say that if you haven't binged GLOW on yet, you're seriously missing out on some fun, '80s-tastic television. The show is about a syndicated wrestling production, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, that actually ran from 1986 to 1992. If you're a fan of the "girl power" and somewhat unconventional humor in Orange is the New Black, you'll quickly jump on board for GLOW, especially since it has an awesome cast including Alison Brie, Kate Nash, Chris Lowell and Ellen Wong.

But with that said, we were left with some questions after the 10-episode premiere was over and done with.

GLOW might have gone by quickly, but there was still a lot of drama thrown our way in that short amount of time. Not everything was wrapped up in a neat little package, so let's take some time and talk about five burning questions that we have after finishing GLOW. Hopefully we will get answers to these questions in the second season.

Note: heavy spoilers for GLOW follow.

1. How Many Characters Will Stay With GLOW?

Season 1 leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger regarding the future of GLOW in the Netflix universe. In reality, the pilot went well and it was picked up by the network. However, that doesn't answer the question of how many women will stay with the organization. Will we continue to see characters such as Melrose, She Wolf, Britannica and Fortune Cookie? Or will they be replaced by new characters?

2. Will Debbie And Mark Stay Together?

The affair between Debbie's husband Mark and her best friend Ruth basically kickstarted the series and was a central plot point throughout all 10 episodes. Not only did the affair break up the friendship between Debbie and Ruth, but it also separated Debbie from Mark.

However, we see Mark attempt to come around and win his wife back in the second half of the season. Whether it worked or not is unknown, seeing how Debbie basically chose wrestling over saving her marriage in the Season 1 finale by leaving Mark in the audience as she stepped up to fight Zoya the Destroya in the title match. After that move, you can't help but wonder: will Mark and Debbie continue to work on their marriage, or will Mark serve her divorce papers again?

3. Does Justine Stay In Sam's Life?

GLOW director Sam Sylvia was thrown a massive curveball when one of his wrestling hopefuls revealed she was really his daughter. Despite a somewhat disturbing reveal, Justine and Sam seemed to end the season on good terms with a bit of closure and hope for the future on the subject.

Justine seemed to make it fairly clear to Sam that she wasn't interested in remaining with GLOW, but that doesn't mean they can't still be in each other's lives. The only question is, will they?

4. Will Debbie Find Out About Ruth's Pregnancy?

In addition to Ruth being branded a "homewrecker" in the wake of her affair with Debbie's husband Mark, she went even farther into the rabbit hole when she discovered that she was pregnant. Ruth ultimately chose to terminate her pregnancy after reaching out to Sam for support.

With that said, you can't help but wonder if Ruth's abortion will eventually come out to more people within GLOW — and that includes Debbie. Not only that, but will the information ever become known to Mark?

5. Do Debbie And Ruth Ever Rebuild Their Friendship?

As we are well aware, the struggles between Debbie and Ruth were a focal point throughout the entire season. While Ruth seemed to be more than willing to try and move on from her affair with Mark, Debbie didn't seem to be in the same spot. She even tells Ruth in the season finale that they "aren't there yet" when Ruth asks if she wanted to grab a drink after the taping ended.

In GLOW Season 2, will we see Debbie and Ruth rebuild their friendship? Or will they continue to keep it professional and work together in the ring without including each other in their personal lives?


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