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We have all seen product placement in TV and film on numerous occasions. It's not strange (pun skill plus one) to see a company put products into their projects. It's marketing at its finest, just ask Michael Bay — what would the Transformers franchise be without product placement?

However, it is odd to see a company market or reference one of its other projects during a film or TV show. I'm not talking about commercials; I'm talking about another project being referenced in the dialogue of a show. ABC/Disney tried this recently, and it was so mind-boggling and out of place, that we can't decide if it was a terrible idea or absolutely genius. The following has been submitted for your approval.

Someone Call A Doctor!

General Hosptial/ABC
General Hosptial/ABC

On the ABC soap opera juggernaut, General Hospital, they did a little cross-pollination for their parent company Disney. The powers that be thought they needed to market their new Marvel property, Doctor Strange, to a slightly different demographic than the usual fanboys. The result of this is one of the oddest things to ever occur on a soap opera (yes, even weirder than evil twins). Please enjoy the video below:

This is maybe the most obvious plug in the history of television. Although it has to be said, it certainly succeeds in terms of getting the word out. Maybe that was the plan all along, a new form of guerrilla marketing that takes place in all the subsidiary companies of Disney. Whatever the case may be, it would seem that Doctor Strange is bringing couples together, at least on fictional daytime soaps.

Countdown To Strange

We are less than a month away from Marvel Studios' first foray into the magical realm in the . This being the case, they have ramped up marketing with a bunch of TV spots and popups all over the interwebs. A smart move, seeing as Doctor Strange does not contain (to our knowledge) any of any of Marvel's familiar faces that we've all come to know and love. Marvel recently released footage for a special screening and it was met with praise and adoration.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is tracking for a $50–75 million opening. That's larger than Ant-Man's numbers and bodes will for the studio who hasn't had a miss yet. There has been buzz that Doctor Strange could be a breakout hit, much like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was in 2014. It is of note that both properties were not very well known to those outside of the comic book community.

Doctor Strange/Marvel/Disney
Doctor Strange/Marvel/Disney

When all is said and done, Marvel has not let us down once. They have a solid reputation that has been earned in the eight years since the release of Iron Man in 2008. This trust and exposure to the public allows them to promote their properties however they see fit — even if it is the craziest name drop ever. Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, 2016 and we hope you check it out, by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!

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Sound Off! What did you think about this crazy name drop? Are you excited for Doctor Strange? Let it be known in the comments section below!

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