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Mark Newton

In response to yesterday's surprise news that Michael Bay will be directing the Back to the Future remake, we've got a whole bunch of behind the scenes snaps. Ok, ok. Calm down. I was joking. That first bit isn't true. There is no Back to the Future remake and Michael Bay has nothing to do with it. You calmed down? OK. Cool. Let's continue.

I wasn't lying about the second bit though. We've got a ton of previously unseen behind the scenes stills from all three of the Back to the Future movies. Many of them reveal how they pulled off some of the trilogy's most ambitious set pieces, while others just show some good ol' fun times behind the camera. Perhaps most interestingly, there are a few stills showing as Marty McFly prior to his replacement by . Check them out below:

Head over to Giant Freakin Robot to see a hell of a lot more.

What do you think? How does Back to the Future hold up to modern standards of sci-fi and special effects? Let us know below.


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