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Mark Newton

Do you need a new movie to get excited about? Well, can I suggest 's Winter's Tale? The period piece stars an ensemble cast of , , , , and and is based on the Mark Helprin novel of the same name.

It sees Farrell as a thief in 1916 New York who breaks into the home of a bed-ridden young woman (Brown-Findlay) and ends up falling in love with her. Unfortunately, he is pursued by the local crime lord, Pearly Soames, played by Crowe and his right-hand man Romeo Tan ().

Need some more stuff to get you excited? Well check out these pictures:

(via io9, Film-o-Filia and Just Jared)

With all that old-timey horse action, what's not to love? How do you think it's shaping up? Let us know below.

We can expect Winter's Tale to gallop into theaters in 2013.


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