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The Power Rangers have no shortage of foes. They've battled a variety of villains like trapped space witches, mind-controlling ooze monsters and even a pack of exposed muscles held by a steel bone structure (or whatever Lord Zedd is). But there's one type of baddie that's always remained consistent in the show's 20-plus-year history: The Putties, those mindless minions sent to support the main antagonist in their scheme to conquer the world.

There's been one major problem with those minions all these years, though: They've never really been an actual challenge. Aside from the stakes-raising season finales where the world is ending and the villains are overtaking cities around the globe, the have always been able to dispatch the Putties, no problem.

Unsurprisingly, fans always found their lack of strength a bit frustrating. But fortunately for us like-minded followers of the franchise, that's about to change. Folks, for the first time in two decades, the Putties have been made threatening. Maybe even — dare I say it — downright frightening, if Screenrant's latest report is anything to go by.

Meet The First Terrifying Putty

The Rangers continue to enjoy great success on TV, having closed its 24th season with Power Rangers: Ninja Steel. But they also expanded their world with . Back in July, Boom! Studios released Go Go Power Rangers, a new series detailing the lives of the Rangers as both teenagers and superheroes. The series is currently in its third issue, but Boom! has released a batch of information for Issue #5, which is scheduled to hit stands this December.

To the misfortune of the Rangers, this new adventure will introduce a shape-shifting, sentient Putty. We've seen Putties go through some minor deceiving transformations in the past, but this new version is turning the stakes up to 11. According to the synopsis, Rita will send a new to Earth that's able to shapeshift into any human in an effort to uncover the Rangers' identities.

[Credit: Boom! Studios]
[Credit: Boom! Studios]

One of those minions having advanced shape-shifting abilities is quite terrifying. This time, it can infiltrate the Rangers, or pass itself as a member of any of their families and wreak havoc from within. Adding to the trouble, however, the Putty will be able to think for itself. That may not say much at first, but seeing how Rita herself will entrust it with destroying the Rangers from within, it's safe to say the baddie is quite intelligent.

It's unclear right now whether Repulsa's planning to make more morphing minions, but if it can cause enough trouble for our young , I'm sure she'd be willing to ditch the old models for more advanced versions.

Will This New Version Of The Putties Appear In The TV Series?

It's difficult to say for sure whether the new Putty will make the jump to live-action right now because, well, the issue doesn't come out for another three months. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Saban snags them for the series if they prove to be popular enough. As a longtime follower of the franchise, I won't lie, I'd love to see more menacing and threatening putties getting introduced.

[Credit: Lionsgate]
[Credit: Lionsgate]

Yes, it's ultimately a children's franchise, but it would be perfectly fine to see the Rangers actually have trouble with the putties every now and then. Can you imagine just how entertaining seeing a Secret Invasion-like event starring the Power Rangers, full of intrigue and mystery, would be?

While we wait for #5 to arrive and wow us with the new terrifying putty, issue #4 will be released on October 18, 2017.

What do you think about the putties' new ability? Do you think this new twist will permeate throughout the franchise? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Screenrant]


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