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Mark Newton

What do you get if you cross Stephen King's trademark claustrophobic horror with The Simpsons movie? It might come out looking like CBS's -produced Under the Dome. We've already gone behind the scenes on the latest King adaptation, but now, for your pleasure (or horror) is a brand new TV promo. Check it out below:

(via Youtube)

It's good to see trailers are still making ample use of the Inception horn sound. Under The Dome will center on a small town in Maine which mysteriously and inexplicably becomes entombed by an invisible barrier. With the town cut off from the rest of the world, the encased people quickly turn on each other as fear and paranoia run rampant.

Under The Dome's 13-episode mini-series will kick off on CBS in June. Are you ready to go Under The Dome, or will you be giving this Stephen King adaptation a miss? Let me know below.


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