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You might think it's a little early to be thinking about Easter Eggs in Rogue One, but in the lead up to a new big-screen adventure the Star Wars fandom can be a little like a pack of alligators (A congregation? A handbag, maybe?), desperately hungry and in ferocious need of feeding.

Director Gareth Edwards appears to have got the memo, teasing a couple of Easter Eggs which reference not the Star Wars universe, but two of his own movies. Check out what he had to say to when speaking to The Star Wars Show. Click below to reveal the quote (or not, if you want to find every Easter Egg blind).

"There are some Easter Eggs. In Saw Gerrera's [Forest Whitaker] cave, there are some cave paintings. One of them is of the creatures that were in my first film, called Monsters, and then there's a Godzilla. I didn't ask for it, I just came in one day and saw it."

More than just a sign that the crew of Rogue One liked working with Edwards enough to homage his previous work, it's pretty cool that an Easter Egg from his previous works snuck in there, so when we take a trip into the character mentioned above's lair, don't be surprised to find a fearsome creature etched onto the wall.

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What other Easter Eggs do you reckon we'll see in Rogue One?


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