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Our Creative team was given free reign to come up with exciting ways to share their anticipation for Godzilla with Moviepilot users and fans across the web. They had just 48 hours to knock themselves out by creating interactive, shareable content that would engage users, start conversations and promote virality. Below are the fruits of their labors, including custom videos, interactive landing pages, listicles, Twitter accounts, Facebook-specific content, editorials and more. Of course these ideas are just drafts, if we worked together we could collaborate and iterate on content creation...

25 Things You Never Knew About Godzilla

Everything you need to know about Godzilla in under 3 minutes...


Creative Content, Listicles & Editorials

Our team put their fanboy heads together to compile a variety of listicles, articles and editorials about their favorite Godzilla movies, merch and influence on pop culture while our resident New Yorker poses the eternal question: Why is it always NYC getting trashed!?

Why Does New York Keep Getting Trashed In Movies?! >

My Top 5 Favorite Godzilla Movies of All Time >

10 Inexplicably Godzilla-Sized Things For Monster Use >

Most Brilliantly Bizarre Godzilla Toys >

Godzilla is everywhere >

Godzilla eats Pop Culture: A Beast Walks Among Us >

What You Won't Be Seeing in Godzilla >

Famous foes face-off

Which old enemy can defeat Godzilla!?

Fans vote for who they think can take the big guy down!

Godzilla Release Date Threat Countdown

Users type in their location to find out how long they have to wait until Godzilla arrives in their neighborhood...

They see their location on Google maps...

The image breaks up...

The release date appears...

Then you can share to Facebook...

And we created a video informing viewers how to react in the event of Godzilla attack:


Campaign: Social Media reveals the truth

A News Network Twitter account keeps fans updated about the Godzilla disaster unfolding >

And Godzilla truthers highjacking Government transmissions:


Godzilla rules Facebook

Godzilla takes over our the Facebook page which has over 4.8 million Likes. With a custom cover photo and profile picture users will be reminded of Godzilla each time they come to our page or see our stories in their Newsfeed.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and would love to work with you on this title!

Contact: Tobi Bauckhage, CEO [email protected]


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