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is not one to waste time. On the set of his newest remake of Godzilla, they're already calling it a wrap. For the first scene, that is, and he released this ever-so-brief video from the set of the film to tell us so:

Okay, so there's obviously not much there, but we can infer from the background that the scene is taking place in a Japanese airport. Does the movie open with our protagonist taking a trip to Japan? With someone sighting the monster rising from the water? Does the airport get destroyed by a big, green ragemonster (No, not The Hulk)?

While we don't know much about the plot itself, other than that it "follows the story of a soldier", we DO know a few things for certain:

1.) While it has exchanged numerous hands, the script was most recently touched up by none other than of The Walking Dead fame, so it should be solid.

2.) Star revealed that the movie will be much less cheesy, far more somber that previous remakes.

3.) The movie boasts an an all-star cast, including Olsen, , , , and (We can only assume Watanabe will actually be inside Godzilla, because Watanabe is always the villain. Always).

4.) Along with the cast, the film will introduce not one, but two new monsters.

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