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Godzilla is a household name. A legend and a damn classic movie but with Hollywood now days its only a matter of time til they reboot everything. Now its Godzilla's turn. At first I was a bit nervous and doubtful about this announcement but they came around. This is a film that could really go either way. There's been some few posters released as well a release date for next year.

We'll start with the cons. There are some.

Firstly one thing about this film is unlike similar films like Cloverfield and Pacific Rim there's no real surprise. Everybody knows what/who Godzilla is. It wont come to much of a shocker when we see him on screen. What I'm trying to say is, this isn't an original movie.

Another con is: it is a reboot and I'm presuming that about 98% of people who are reading this rather dislike reboots. I personally don't mind them. Most of the time.

One last con. Well I'm not sure if it's a con so much rather than a concern. I'm concerned about the Director, . I really don't know who he is. I'm not saying get or , but hell get somebody we know.

Now for the pros. I have a couple believe it or not.

Number one has to be casting for me. So far we have (Kick Ass) who I love in Kick Ass and think is a real talent, (Breaking Bad) need I say anything for this absolutely awesome actor? And finally, a strange one, . Could be a good risk! Anyhow, so far I'm loving the cast.

Pro number two is we live in 2013. Special effects are quite impressive and if you take a look at the last Godzilla, I'm sure we'll see a drastic change for the new one. I know effects aren't everything but they sure are something and they will most likely be really cool for this movie seeing as director has a job in visual effects. Maybe he could be a good idea.

is my final pro. Name not familiar? Not a household name I know but Frank is a three-time Oscar nominee who wrote The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption and The Walking Dead. Quite the C.V right? He's talented and I'm sure he'll bring some quality to Godzilla.

All in all I'm excited for this film. I hope it delivers! Let me know what you think in the comments!


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