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In just a few short months, the will be back where they belong: in theaters and fighting off evil. While we already know the main villain in the new movie is going to be the wicked Rita Repulsa, we know she's going to need another Big Bad on her side if she's going to take on the Power Rangers. And now, thanks to an exclusive new commercial from Bandai toys, we know exactly who it is — and what he looks like. Feast your eyes on the latest version of extra-terrestrial evil :

In the commercial, you can see the toy version of Goldar battling the Megazord toy. Like all the other Power Rangers characters and zords, he's gotten a shiny new makeover for the new movie:

Goldar 'Power Rangers'
Goldar 'Power Rangers'

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This new 24-carat creature is a huge departure from the old version, who only had a golden suit and a few accents but wasn't dripping head to toe in the stuff.

Goldar 2017 and 1995
Goldar 2017 and 1995

Want more side-by-sides? See the new and old Power Rangers suits right here:

Oddly enough, this Goldar looks more like the Megazord than he looks like his old self. Will this connection prove to be more than a coincidence in the new movie? Only time will tell...


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