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Without a doubt, The Golden Girls, is one of the most iconic sitcoms to ever have graced the small screen. It brought together the enviable comedic talents of Betty White, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, and Rue McClanahan for a show that will forever be held in the highest regard of TV and film aficionados. And now it appears the creative minds behind is looking to bring the magic of that series to another with an eerily similar tone and setting.

Stan Zimmerman and James Berg, two writers behind the 80's sitcom, have reunited to craft a pilot for a new comedy series, which would instead of being about a house of lively ladies, follow the lives of four gay men living together. The reported working title for the new show is , and while a cast hasn't been put into place just yet, the show is being pitched to several streaming services such as and .

[Credit: Omaze]
[Credit: Omaze]

Zimmerman is so optimistic about the future of his new show that he recently had a sit down reading of the script with beloved LGBTQ stars , Bruce Vilanch, and Leslie Jordan. Parks And Recreation's Todd Sherry and Saturday Night Live legend, Cheri Oteri were also in company for the reading.

Other than The Golden Girls, with shows like and The Gilmore Girls under their belt (which have both also recently found new life), both Berg and Zimmerman are well known for crafting strong female characters, though now the pair are now trying their hand at writing a new show in a new era for older gay men. And while the creators agree that the show is similar to The Golden Girls, the inspiration for the series actually came from gay director, PJ Raval's 2013 documentary, Before You Know It.

'Before You Know It' [Credit: The Film Collaborative]
'Before You Know It' [Credit: The Film Collaborative]

Raval's documentary follows three gay male senior citizens as they navigate the challenges of love, isolation, and their identities in a world that truly hasn't yet fully come to term with LGBTQ seniors.

Silver Foxes is coming at an interesting time in America, where it is reported that near 3 million LGBTQ seniors are living, laughing, and doing their best to thrive here. It's also reported that by 2034, that number will double. Zimmerman spoke to Pollo and Pearl from Party Foul Radio about this future and how The Golden Girls has given life to a new series, a new lifestyle, and how we, no matter who we are, end up creating our own family:

“Every one of us is getting older. Especially with gays and lesbians and transgender, we create our own families — and that’s what 'The Golden Girls' did. Those women came together and supported each other.”

If the show does indeed become anything like The Golden Girls, it'll send a new message to the world that no matter what age you are, no matter how you identify yourself, and no matter how others look at you, happiness and freedom of expression will forever know no bounds.

Will you be tuning in to see this Golden Girls inspired series?

(Source: Party Foul Radio)


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