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has left fans concerned with his gaunt and sleepless appearance in the wake of his divorce from Angelia Jolie, but the star looked way more like his former self at the last night.

The 53-year-old icon looked glowing as he approached the stage with a spring in his step to introduce a clip from Moonlight, which later went on to win best motion picture drama category:

Brad's pals were keen to show their support with a ripple of thunderous applause and, in Matt Damon's case, an on-point sea lion impression that is guaranteed to warm the cockles:

While Damon's adorable display of friendship was strictly platonic, Colton Haynes channeled a huge swathe of the population with his swooning Tweet praising the glory of seeing Pitt in the flesh:

While most of us mere mortals had to make do with admiring Brad through the medium of television, that did nothing to stem the tide of public admiration gushing from the Twittersphere:

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Although a lot of people were too busy fanning themselves over Brad's aesthetically pleasing exterior to notice, many also pointed out that Pitt has been a huge ally to the Black community as executive producer of Selma, 12 Years A Slave and Moonlight:

Things haven't been easy recently for Brad, but it's great to see that things seem to be getting back on track for the star and he is gaining recognition for his choices as a producer.

Do you think Brad Pitt deserved his mammoth applause at the Golden Globes?


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