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On April 10th, Good Morning America posted a video on their Twitter account hyping a “huge Star Wars announcement 40 years in the making,” that would be made on their show on April 11th. Star Wars fans were buzzing with anticipation, and speculated about what this news could be. So, April 11th came, and Star Wars fans got up early to watch Good Morning America to witness a big moment in Star Wars history.

Fan anticipation rose as the first hour of GMA went by with no Star Wars announcement – but we did get to see Robert Pattison! Then the skies parted, and appeared on screen, and they announced… the new Force For Change contest.

Don't get me wrong: Force for Change is a great charity, and the chance to visit Skywalker Ranch, go to premiere, or be in the movie is awesome. However, given the hype around the announcement, fans weren’t exactly thrilled. These weren’t the droids Star Wars fans were looking for, and they took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Twitter Reacts To GMA's Huge Announcement

Although the announcement was over-hyped and a bit lackluster, Star Wars fans were beginning to lose their patience way before the announcement was even made. The anticipation kept building, and fans flooded Twitter with their feelings about having to wait so long for the mystery Star Wars announcement:

After having to sit through over an hour of , a lot of people were ready to snap. But at least this huge announcement would brighten their day, right? Wrong. The push-back to the announcement was immediate, and can be summed up in this one tweet:

The immediate reaction to Good Morning America was one of frustration, and the collect Twittersphere cried out all at once:

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It is difficult to get completely upset about the announcement, because it is for a really good cause. Some Twitter users recognized this, and tried to bring some reason to the outrage. Some even brought up the fact that Star Wars Celebration is around the corner, and we will get all the Star Wars news we could hope for:

When it comes down to it, GMA’s Star Wars announcement was not what fans expected it to be, and that’s okay. is almost upon us, and we will get a lot of awesome news, and the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Make sure you come back and check MoviePilot for all the news that is sure to come out of Star Wars Celebration.


Did GMA's Star Wars announcement turn you to the Dark Side?

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