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Just days after announcing that he's happy to be rid of his equally famous ex, Twilight star reportedly feels ready to date again following his split from co-star and long-term lover , earlier this year.

The actor swore off dating for a while and made work his number one priority, with both The Rover and Maps to the Stars just under his belt - but has now had a change of heart and is back in the dating game, HollywoodLife reports:

Rob is having fun dating different girls right now. It's taken him a long time to move on from Kristen, but he's ready now. He's not ready to settle down with just one girl right now. He's just enjoying himself and taking things nice and slow. He doesn't want anything serious.

Luckily for us fans of Robbycakes, it sounds as though the brooding actor is finally getting his groove back after a troubling year. Do you think he's really over Kristen? How long did it take YOU to get over your last break-up? Let me know in the comment section below.



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