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There has been much talk about a so-called fans vs. critics war when it comes to movies recently, but our tell-tale Google fingers reveal that both critically acclaimed flicks and panned fan-favorites have a place in the popularity contest. Hurrah!

We all know that in this modern age, to look into someone's Google history is to look into the depths of their soul and, on a larger scale, this can give a sneak peek into exactly which movies were buzzing in the hivemind of the masses during 2016.

So, without further ado below are the 10 movies that generated the most search engine fervor last year:

10. 'Hacksaw Ridge'

It's uncertain whether the inspiring story of pacifism in a time of war or curiosity over the return of the disgraced anti-Semite Mel Gibson got people furiously googling , but it just about made the top 10.

9. 'The Conjuring 2'

If something is as pant-shittingly terrifying as The Conjuring, why not do it twice?! Thinking about it, that was not such a good analogy, but you get what I mean. Arguably better than the first, definitely caused a stir with it's jump scares in cinemas.

8. 'Zootopia'

Boldly tackling prejudice and racism through the medium of tiny, adorable bunnies who also happen to be hard as nails, Disney has done it again with .

7. 'Finding Dory'

The second sequel to make it to the list (and we wonder why they keep cracking them out?), swam into our hearts by focusing on the fan-favorite scatty blue tang and just, well, swimming with it.

6. 'Dr. Strange'

Plunging us into the multiple parallel universes of for the first time, Benedict Cumberbatch delighted audiences by plunging them headlong into the imaginative and fascinating world of Eastern mysticism and metaphysics. Not bad for a superhero movie.

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5. 'Batman v Superman'

DC fans ended up a lot more divided than Batman and Superman when was released. While some loved Snyder's dark tone and visual style, some felt positively left in the gloom by the blockbuster, but judging by how much it has been googled, they haven't stopped talking about it.

4. 'Captain America: Civil War'

The hype surrounding the third Captain America movie arguably reached a even higher volume than it did for the first two movies, and it's clear why. Introducing the concept of a government-induced rift between the characters shattered the uneasy alliance of the Avengers and made for some decent character development for our Marvel favorites. No doubt the nature of choosing a side helped to make number four on this list.

3. 'The Revenant'

Leonardo DiCaprio finally scooped an Oscar for his gruelling performance in and no doubt the buzz around the actor's long-deserved recognition helped to oomph the search volume of Alejandro González Iñárritu's unrelentingly bleak masterpiece.

2. 'Suicide Squad'

Universally panned by critics for its incoherent storyline and scattergun tone, David Ayer's left a taste of "meh" in even the most devout DC fan's mouth. It's not all bad though, the movie introduced us to a mob of compelling, lively characters who will undoubtedly have their time to shine in the DC universe and people clearly love them. You don't get to be Google's second most searched for movie for nothing.

1. 'Deadpool'

Fan's had been desperately hankering for some sweet, foul-mouthed loving to erase the trauma of Ryan Reynolds's previous performance for years, and they got it with bells on. Getting tongues wagging across cyberspace with its inspiring tale of development and the red hot passion of Reynolds himself, Deadpool is indisputably the internet's own movie, and the internet loves it for it.

Which movie do you think you Googled the most last year?


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