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In a story that'll be sure to give you the willies, 2015's happy is getting a sequel. In a flurry of news, we aren't only getting a follow-up to the adventures of as R.L. Stine, but an official title and a promo image have made their way online.

Two years after Sony brought the literary series to life, Sony is moving ahead with a second film in what could be a franchise. The original certainly brought the fun and the frights, bagging a modest $150 million on a $58 million budget. As popcorn horror, Goosebumps was unlikely to give you nightmares, however, it was a frightfully enjoyable family romp.


[Credit: Sony]
[Credit: Sony]

Officially named Goosebumps: Horrorland, it is slightly more imaginative than just sticking the number two on the end. The promo artwork was released alongside a look at other films like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jurassic World 2, which will sadly probably overshadow the news of more Goosebumps.

News of a sequel might come as no surprise, especially with the cliffhanger tease from the first film. As Black's Stine returned the various monsters to their respective books, the last shot revealed that the Invisible Boy was still on the loose. Writing his own manuscript on Stine's typewriter, it looks like the horror was only just beginning.

The team must have done something right, because director Rob Letterman has signed on for the sequel, as has screenwriter Darren Lemke, while it is expected that Black will reprise his role as the grouchy iteration of Stine himself.

Going Bump In The Night

Goosebumps is based off the popular book series that began in 1992. Over the years there have been 62 books in the main series, even more spin-offs, and the popular '90s TV show. For those of us who are a certain age, there was nothing like whiling away your afternoons watching a young Ryan Gosling in "Say Cheese and Die" or being terrified by Slappy the Dummy.

Take what you want from the title, but it will presumably be a theatrical imagining of the two-part "One Day at HorrorLand" episodes from Season 3 of the show. Lauded as one of the best stories from the series, it focuses on an unwilling family who find themselves trapped in a theme park inhabited by horned monsters who are out for blood. Elsewhere, Letterman could be adapting the more broad Horrorland spin-off series of books, which heavily featured the aforementioned Slappy.

Black revealed that Stine had "laughed his ass off" when he first watched the film, which is certainly a change from Stephen King famously hating the adaptations of his work. Whether or not there is an appetite to warrant another Goosebumps, Sony is aiming to make our hairs stand on end in September next year.

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