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All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him. He's , and he could be making a dash at the role of the beloved fleet-footed superhero in The Flash (Movie).

Say what? You heard me. Ryan Gosling was talking the possibility of playing The Flash. While interviewing with Screen Crave about his latest, Gangster Squad, they broach the subject of superhero movies:

Here’s a question I’m sure a lot of fans want an answer to. When are you going to do a superhero movie?

Ryan Gosling: Well, they’re all taken.

Not true. Justice League is coming out in 2015. Superman and Batman are taken. But The Flash and maybe even Green Lantern are up for grabs.

Ryan Gosling: Well Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. I can get Flash basically.

Now before you start going mental, keep in mind that he just said that Flash is the one that's available for him to do. Not that they've asked him. BUT, and this is a big BUT, now that that's out there... why not? I could really dig a Gosling Flash. He has the potential to freshen up and ground a character that could easily derail into silly high-speed antics and seem old-hat.

The real question is: Is this just idle fantasizing on Gosling's part, or is he pulling a fast one on us by cloaking a very real possibility in amusing what-ifs? For all we know, they might have already asked him, and he's just getting a cheeky kick out of teasing us. [[follow]] and stay tuned to see how this all turns out, because it looks like it could get interesting.


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