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Remember when the Penguin fought some walkers? No, we're not talking about a bizarre comic book crossover in the vein of Marvel Zombies. Way back in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, Robin Lord Taylor appeared on the show as Sam in Episode 4, only to then meet his untimely end at Terminus in the Season 5 premiere.

Since then, Taylor has delighted Gotham audiences with his unsettling, yet still rather endearing portrayal of The Penguin, Batman's iconic foe. For hardcore fans though, one question remains: Would Taylor ever return to The Walking Dead for a third appearance and if so, how?

Would Robin Taylor Wood Reprise His Role On The Walking Dead?

During the Gotham panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest In London, Taylor was asked this very question, to which he gave a surprising answer:

"Absolutely. If I did come back, I would obviously be a walker. It would be kind of difficult because they slit my throat, bashed my brains in and burned the building down [laughs]. I think it's safe to say that Sam is swimming with the fishes now."

Taylor has a point. After all, fans may remember that the last time we saw Sam, his head was smashed with a baseball bat and his throat had been slit open by Gareth and the butchers of Terminus. However, that doesn't have to be how his story ends.

As the first death of Season 5, Sam's demise left a small, but memorable impact on what followed, but there's still a chance that he could return. After all, the building may have been burned down, but those walkers are a resilient bunch. If The Walking Dead show runners wished to bump up their star power with a cameo from Taylor, this wouldn't be too difficult to arrange, potential schedule conflicts aside. It wouldn't be the first time that stars have appeared on the show as zombies either.

Maybe Robin Taylor Wood could bring his singing talents to the show:

Robin Taylor Wood isn't the only Gotham alumni to have appeared on . Back in Season 6, actor Benedict Samuel played Alpha Wolf Owen before becoming the Mad Hatter on Gotham. Perhaps the two could return together and seek revenge, although Owen's zombie death probably rules him out for good and that's just as well. The denizens of are going to have more than enough to deal with in the Season 3 finale if our interview with actor David Mazouz is anything to go by.

Would you like to see Robin Taylor Wood return for a third appearance on The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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