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is no stranger to paying tribute to previous adaptations, and the latest episode of the crime drama was no different. This time, the hit series honored Tim Burton's legendary 1992 film Batman Returns. During "The Primal Riddle", Selina confronted Bruce's creepy clone once he revealed himself to be masquerading as the young billionaire.

She then threatened to tell Alfred the truth, something that clone Bruce didn't take to kindly to and, in an attempt to keep her quiet, he pushed her out a window. Check it out here:

Starting to sound familiar? Keep reading. Selina lay on the cold concrete in a lonely alley way, seemingly dead — that is, until a large group of cats approached her lifeless body and surrounded her.

There's no doubt that this was a nod to the famous scene from Batman Returns when Max Shreck launches Michelle Pfeiffer's Selina Kyle out of a window where she is then, just like in Gotham, revived by an army of cats. Additionally, this scene was accompanied by a creepy score reminiscent of Danny Elfman's iconic Catwoman theme. As well as being a nod to one of the greatest Batman films of all time, this scene also marked the birth of Catwoman in the hit show!

[Credit: Fox/Warner Bros]
[Credit: Fox/Warner Bros]

As you can probably imagine, the internet was freaking out over this amazing Batman Returns Easter Egg. Let's take a look at some of the greatest online reactions below:

The internet couldn't get enough of the Batman Returns references — and who knows, with Selina set to transform into Catwoman, perhaps we'll get more nods to the classic Tim Burton movie in the future.

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