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After teasing us with the Joker's identity for three seasons (it's Jerome, it's clearly Jerome), the team behind Gotham have embarked on a mad promotional frenzy in recent weeks. From leaked pictures to official trailer releases, Gotham has basically confirmed that Cameron Monaghan will return next year as , even though his character supposedly met a grisly end in Season 2.

While there's still a chance that all of the 'Mad City' promotion could lead to one huge misdirect, it seems more clear than ever that Jerome will officially become the Joker, if a new tweet from is anything to go by.

Cameron Monaghan [Credit: Twitter]
Cameron Monaghan [Credit: Twitter]

Sure, there's still a chance that the joke's on us and Monaghan is just toying with fan expectations, but if this is our first legitimate look at the Joker on Gotham, it won't be long now before the Clown Prince Of Crime plagues a young Bruce Wayne on the small screen. The fact that Monaghan deleted his tweet soon after it was released is particularly telling. Perhaps the young trickster was reprimanded by the network for releasing a picture of the costume too early?

Unfortunately, half of the costume reveal is hidden by shadow, but the classic makeup is still clearly visible, including The Joker's signature white face, slicked-back hair and bright red smile. The outfit itself hearkens back to a classic depiction of The Joker, one which we haven't seen on the big screen since Jack Nicholson last embodied The Clown Prince of Crime in Tim Burton's , complete with a traditional purple vest, white dress shirt and bow tie.

Batman [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Batman [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The decision to veer away from 's new version of The Joker certainly makes sense from a branding point of view. Few figures in the history of comic book movies have been as divisive as The Joker in , despite the brevity of his scenes in the film, so it's understandable that Gotham would want to create its own mark on the character's legacy in a way that stands out from Jared Leto's tattooed incarnation.

Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While Leto's Joker retained the character's iconic hair and pale features, the addition of a metal grill, prison tattoos and this leather trenchcoat was a significant departure from the comics, reinventing the Clown Prince of Crime as a thuggish convict who held more control over his psychopathic tendencies. The first reveal of Monaghan's take on The Joker couldn't be more different.

Check out Jerome's return to Gotham in the 'Mad City' promo below:

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Whether Cameron's photo was taken from an official costume test, footage on set or Monaghan's latest trip to the thrift shop, it seems like Gotham is taking a step in the right direction for the rest of Season 3. Among the streets of Gotham City, Cameron's Jerome has shone brighter than the bat-signal ever could, so it's about time that the Clown Prince of Crime officially steps up to the throne when the show returns to TV on January 16, 2017. The question remains though; Will Monaghan be The Joker that many fans wanted Jared Leto to be in Suicide Squad?


Do you think Cameron Monaghan will improve on Jared Leto's Joker?


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