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Gotham has never been one for following the Batman comic books, and that's okay because it makes the show completely unpredictable. However, one thing that we've always been able to rely on is the show's unique portrayal of Batman's finest villains. From The Penguin to The Riddler, to its own unique version of The Joker (a.k.a Jerome Valeska), Gotham has delivered some incredibly original visions of Batman's most beloved bad guys.

The hit Fox series returned to screens for its fourth season last week, and it's looking like viewers will be treated to another terrifying baddie as the season premiere set the scene for Jonathan Crane to become The Scarecrow. Although we've yet to see him in action, it's looking like could be the show's scariest villain yet.

In an effort to get fans excited for this week's new episode, Fox has released a sneak peek, and it gives us a first look at the Scarecrow outfit in all its terrifying glory. Check it out below:

After Jonathan Crane was set free from Arkham in the Season 4 premiere, the troubled young man embraced his own fear (he's afraid of scarecrows) and, as a result, he put on the legendary scarecrow outfit. This new clip is our first proper look at the villain and, to be honest, we're shaking in our boots. Why? Because he's much scarier than we thought.

Unlike many of the show's other bad guys, Gotham seems to be staying true to the comic book version of the Scarecrow, as well as borrowing a few things from Cillian Murphy's iconic portrayal of the character in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. Let's take a closer look at the outfit.

The Scarecrow Outfit Is Pretty Similar To The Comic Books

Thanks to a few long shots and some actual lighting in this new clip, we can see that Gotham's Jonathan Crane is dressed in old rags, much like the comic book version of the character. He accompanies the look with a worn, brown overcoat and completes it with a burlap mask reminiscent of the one worn by the character in Batman Begins.

If you thought he couldn't get any scarier, then you'd be wrong, because the villainous youth carries a scythe and, as you can see in the clip, he threatens the Arkham warden with the weapon.

As we still know very little about Gotham's version of the character, we can likely assume that the scythe will part of Crane's scare tactics and, in addition to his fear toxin, he will possibly wield the blade in an attempt to make the citizens of Gotham cower at his feet, begging for mercy. We don't know about you, but we're terrified.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Although Gotham has never really disappointed us before, Season 4 started on such a high with a brand new tone that was almost comic-esque, so we're hoping this will continue in future episodes. Fox hasn't given away much about the fourth season and, with the exception of Barbara Keane's return, we still know very little about what's to come.

With the arrival of the Scarecrow, it's looking like Gotham could be in need of a savior — and with Bruce beginning to embrace many of his trademark Batman characteristics, perhaps Season 4 will culminate with a battle between Bruce Wayne and Jonathan Crane. Either way, with a scary persona like the Scarecrow and an outfit to match, Gotham will never be the same after Jonathan Crane wreaks havoc on the city.

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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