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Warning: This article contains minor spoilers from Shameless and Gotham.

The seventh season of Shameless came to a conclusion this past Sunday and the final episode was an emotional roller coaster. The Gallagher family reunited to say farwell to their absentee mother Monica, who died in last week's episode following a battle with a brain aneurysm.

However, among the tear jerking moments and unusual eulogies, there was one moment that was too awesome to ignore. Frank Gallagher joined his family in the living room and, while that is an incredible feat in itself, it's what was on the television screen that had everybody talking.

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

The Gallagher family were watching Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker and while it was relevant to the Gallagher's current familial storyline due to the film's significant "Our Family Memories" scene, there was more to it than meets the eye.

As I'm sure you know by now, Cameron Monaghan who plays Ian Gallagher on Shameless is also widely known for his portrayal of Jerome Valeska on Gotham — the character percieved to be the FOX series' original version of The Joker. Monaghan and Shameless co-star Ruby Modine both tweeted about the relevance of the scene as the episode was airing.

Although Jerome was written out of early on in the second season, it was announced earlier in the year that Monaghan would be reprising his role when the series returns from it's mid season break. What makes this easter egg all the more delicious for the fans is that the Batman film being watched by the Gallaghers is called Return of The Joker — when Gotham returns in the Spring, the storyline will focus on Jerome's return and his transformation into the Joker, which makes this Shameless moment hilariously accurate!

As well as teasing fans with his iconic Mark Hamill-esque laugh, Monaghan frequently takes to social media to post new pictures of himself in character, indicating that there is something different about Jerome. Yes, the red-headed devil maybe making a return but his pretty little looks may no longer be intact, making for a much more intimidating Joker-like character than we've ever seen before.

Check out all there is to know about Jerome's upcoming return to Gotham:

Monaghan has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Jerome, with many citing him as one of the most original interpretations of the Joker in a long time. As a Batman fan myself, I remember being in awe of the originality that Monaghan brought to the table. The Joker has been reinvented several times, but Monaghan's Jerome is the first time that it feels somewhat different yet manages maintains the essence of the original.

Monaghan's performance as Jerome is terrifyingly terrific. [Via FOX]
Monaghan's performance as Jerome is terrifyingly terrific. [Via FOX]

As well as the acclaim the young actor has received for his unique portrayal of the Joker character, Monaghan is still mostly known for his performance as Ian on Shameless — a character that he has consistently played since 2011. The character often regarded as one of the greatest characters on .

It's rather remarkable how Monaghan has created two completely different yet equally complex characters and there is no doubt in my mind that his performance as Jerome will go down in history as one of the all time greats.

As a fan of both shows, this little moment on the Shameless finale was certainly something to get excited about. Since Shameless has concluded for the year, our next opportunity to see Monaghan in action is on Gotham when the show returns in January and what could be better than witnessing Jerome transform into the greatest comic book villain of all time? I certainly can't wait to see what will, no doubt, be Monaghan's greatest performance yet.

Gotham returns in January. Shameless will be back in Fall 2017. Are you excited to see Cameron Monaghan transform into The Joker on Gotham? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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