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Even the most eagle-eyed bunnies miss the odd Easter Egg from time to time, and a sneaky comic book reference tucked away in Suicide Squad only just got identified as the Extended Cut of David Ayer's movie got a digital release this week.

In one of the sweeping shots of Gotham City at night, part of the sequence early in in which Deadshot takes his daughter Christmas shopping, one of the skyscrapers on the skyline bears the red neon sign 'Falcone'...

(via roythejewboy on Reddit / Warner Bros.)
(via roythejewboy on Reddit / Warner Bros.)

...and it doesn't take a genius to work out who that's a reference to.

He might lack the pop cultural notoriety of a villain like The , Penguin or The Riddler, but Carmine Falcone, often known as The Roman, is still a pretty formidable member of Batman's gallery of rogues on the pages of Comics.

(DC Comics)
(DC Comics)

The money-laundering mafia don who owed Thomas Wayne a debt for saving his life was created in 1987, "inspired" by Vito Corleone in the Godfather trilogy, and through the years he's made plenty of enemies on the page.

Falcone crosses paths with the Caped Crusader in Batman Begins, played by Tom Wilkinson, but neither his story nor portrayal was especially memorable and he was overshadowed by both Ra's al Ghul and the Scarecrow.

If the wanted to reboot Falcone, they'd have a villain capable of showing this incarnation of The Joker what it means to be a true gangster. I'm not saying it'll happen, but it wouldn't be the worst idea to bring a bit of high-class villainy back to Gotham.

If you squint really hard at the screengrab from Suicide Squad, you'll also notice a yellow neon sign which reads 'CAT.' This might be a stretch, but Falcone's face is scratched by an attack from Catwoman in Batman: Year One — could the placement of that sign be more than just coincidence?

If you need your Italian mafia fix, Falcone also appears on Fox's Gotham, played by John Doman. For my money, his take on the career criminal is more convincing than the Falcone of Batman Begins.


Deathstroke may be the villain of Ben Affleck's The Batman, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, The Roman is overdue a return to the big screen. Fingers crossed this Easter Egg is a hint at something on the horizon. You can read the Reddit thread which shared the Falcone discovery right here.

Would Carmine Falcone make a killer villain for the Batfleck in the DCEU, and did you spot any more undiscovered Easter Eggs in Suicide Squad?


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