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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Gotham has always been commended for creating its own version of the comic book characters that we've all grown to love and that trend has certainly continued into the current season. Season 3 has definitely been the best yet, exploring the Batman mythology in much more detail and although it's still void of the show has been providing fans with some great storylines including Penguin's run for mayor, Gordon's meltdown and their brilliant re-invention of the Mad Hatter character, played wonderfully by The Walking Dead alum Benedict Samuels.

The latest few episodes of have created quite a stir after hints were dropped for a potential romance between Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma. However, it was not meant to be and shippers had their hopes and dreams dashed when Isabella entered Ed's life in last week's episode. Although Ed may be happier than ever, I'm finding it hard to buy into the authenticity of this love affair — specifically because Isabella is a dead ringer (excuse the morbid pun) for Ed's former girlfriend Kristen Kringle, whom he murdered in Season 2. Whether by some outside party or by Nygma's hand himself, things won't end well for the young lovers and there is likely a much bigger reason as to why this is so.

Isabella Is The Spitting image Of Kristen Kringle

The resemblance between Kristen and Isabella is uncanny.
The resemblance between Kristen and Isabella is uncanny.

As I mentioned, the fact that Isabella is the spitting image of Nygma's ex-girlfriend Kristen automatically put me on the fence about this relationship. Actress Chelsea Spack plays both characters and although there are massive differences between the two characters — Kristen was more timid and had brunette hair whereas Isabella is more adventurous and has blond hair — the similarities in their physical appearance is undeniable.

There is no way that this similarity will bode well for their relationship. Ed is entering into this relationship primarily because of his past with Kristen. In the real world, we call a resemblance like this uncanny and because of that resemblance we call the idea of their relationship just plain creepy. Ed's trying to replace Kristen — the only person whom he ever cared about and he blew it with her. He sees Isabella as his second chance at happiness and perhaps even as a chance for redemption.

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Could Isabella Be Related To Kristen?

Ed and Isabella definitely seemed in love. (via FOX)
Ed and Isabella definitely seemed in love. (via FOX)

Although some will argue that this relationship was introduced on the show merely to create tension between Oswald and Ed, giving Gotham the "will they/wont they" element for Season 3, but that still doesn't explain why Isabella physically resembles Kristen — the show runners have clearly done this for a reason. A rather plausible theory for the likeness is that Isabella is somehow related to Kristen — that would explain the physical similarities between the two. Although I doubt she is Kristen's twin — Kristen would've certainly mentioned to Ed if she had a twin sister — but perhaps she could be a cousin or some distant relative. The identical cousin storyline is a favorite and featured in classics such as Bewitched (actress Elizabeth Montgomery played both parts in this show) so it's definitely a possibility.

When Isabella became aware of Ed's murderous past she decided to continue the relationship — that definitely says more about her character. This leads me to believe that there is more to Isabella than we know. Moreover, she flirts by emceeing riddles, suggesting that she had a previous knowledge of Ed and his characteristics. What better way to get inside the mind of a serial killer than to emulate what he likes to do? Perhaps Isabella is out to avenge Kristen — she'll make Ed fall in love with her and then crush him. If this is the case then she'd need to be careful that he doesn't crush her first like he did with Kristen. Her knowledge of Ed's obsession with riddles could have come from elsewhere — someone could have told her. Perhaps Isabella is only a pawn in a much larger game?

Is The Whole Thing A Conspiracy Set Up By Butch?

Butch despises Nygma. (via FOX)
Butch despises Nygma. (via FOX)

I'm still not buying Isabella's random appearance on the show and this leads me to believe that there is definitely a conspiracy behind it. Someone is out to hurt Ed but if it's not Kristen or her family then that only leaves one other person — Butch Gilzean, Penguin's former right hand man. Butch was in line to take over Gotham when Penguin became mayor, but due to Nygma's powerful influence, Penguin used his mayorship as a force of good and outcast Butch for not believing in him in the first place.

Butch despised how much Penguin cared for Nygma and as a result he tried to oust Nygma from the group on several occasions. It all backfired and Nygma tricked Butch into revealing his true nature infront of Penguin. Ever since then, Butch as been in hiding and that is all because of Nygma.

The use of violence didn't work with Nygma due to him always being one step ahead intellectually, so what better way to take down the prince of puzzles by making him fall in love with someone from his past and then break his heart when he realizes it's all a lie? It's also worth noting that Ed is distracted with Isabella at the moment which could allow Butch ample time to weasel his way back into Penguin's life. The animosity between Butch and Nygma was evident the last time they saw each other and Butch isn't the kind of guy who goes down without a fight — Isabella could be the perfect plan to take Nygma down forever.

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There is definitely something not right about Isabella and her sudden inclusion in the show. The relationship will no doubt brings back memories of Kristen and I'm not sure Nygma will be able to handle that. He destroyed his relationship with Kristen because he was unstable but since then he has found stability in his life by being Oswald's right hand man but Isabella could be Nygma's undoing. There is a silver lining though — if Nygma gets his heart broken then perhaps he will run into the arms of Penguin, who will no doubt be waiting for him. A Nygmobblepot fan can hope, right?

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. What's your theory about Ed's new romantic love interest? Tell me in the comment section below.


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