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Gotham has already introduced some of Batman's most iconic villains, from the Penguin and the Riddler to Mr. Freeze and Catwoman, but the show has also shone a light on the lesser known villains. This week's episode saw the arrival of Solomon Grundy, who has never been heavily featured in a live-action Batman adaptation until now. As the show continues to delve further into the Batman mythology, we're bound to see some more lesser-known faces along the way and next week's episode will shine a light on one of the most disturbing villains.

Following this Thursday's episode, Fox aired a preview for next week's episode of and it introduces Professor Pyg and, in typical Gotham fashion, it looks like the antagonist is going to be more terrifying than we've ever seen him before. Check out the promo below:

'Gotham' Continues To Go Dark

When Gotham began back in 2014, it very much followed the format of typical US procedural police dramas. A crime would occur in the city, then Gordon and Bullock were called upon to investigate and before the episode's end, they would find the killer. The second season dropped the plot-of-the-week format and focused more on longterm storytelling, which helped the show significantly. In addition to the better storylines, the show got significantly darker.

Arguably the most disturbing scenes on Gotham thus far occurred in Season 3, after Jerome Valeska's resurrection. The crazed character murdered many, sewed back on his severed face and attempted to kill Bruce Wayne. His reign of terror set in motion Gotham City's descent into darkness and made Bruce realize that he can make a difference.

Jerome's return certainly seemed to start a revolution among the corrupt criminals of the city and, with the return of Jonathan Crane at the beginning of Season 4, Gotham will likely continue to explore a darker path, as the criminals make the city more terrifying than ever. If the city is in the worst state it has ever been, then Bruce will eventually come to the realization that the Gotham is in need of a watchful protector — a hero. As you can see, the promo for next week's episode looks incredibly disturbing, and Professor Pyg's storyline arc resembles something that would be seen on American Horror Story or even in the Saw franchise.

It looks like Gotham City will continue to discend into madness until is born. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see what has in store for the citizens of Gotham because the dark the show gets, the more compelling the storylines are, and this one could be one of Gotham's best yet.

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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