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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

We're already nine episodes into Gotham Season 3 and the FOX series shows no signs of slowing down as we approach the mid-season finale. This season has explored some elements of the Batman mythology in more detail and we've also seen the rebirth of Ivy, the arrival of the villainous Mad Hatter and Bruce and Selina's infamous romance finally begin.

Although sticking closely to the source material for some elements of the show, Gotham prides itself on maintaining its own original universe and that has certainly continued throughout the third season, specifically in regards to the hinted romance between Edward Nygma and Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot.

The latest episode of the hit series saw the culmination of yet another large storyline and perhaps the birth of a new one. There was a lot of emphasis on Gordon and Barnes but this episode also saw the return of Ivy, Bruce and Selina who all had been somewhat absent from the show as of late.

Easter Eggs

Ivy made a big return [Via FOX]
Ivy made a big return [Via FOX]

As I'm sure you remember, Ivy Pepper underwent an extreme makeover this season after Marv — one of Strange's projects — touched her, resulting in the character rapidly aging. As a result, Clare Foley left the role and Maggie Geha took over the part. However, her appearance this week affirmed the character's change and what was most striking about Ivy's transformation is that it has left her resembling her comic book counterpart down to the finest detail.

The long red hair is far more apparent than before and she even made a comment about being attracted to plants — something which will no doubt come into play further down the line. Moreover, the character drugged a potential lover with the use of perfume crafted from plants. The dress worn by the character — not to mention the necklace she attempted to steal — was green which mixed with her red hair, gave us the perfect look for the soon-to-be Posion Ivy. Maggie Geha is doing a great job so far.

[Via WB]
[Via WB]

Elsewhere, Barnes' reign of terror continued but we finally know what villain he is destined to become. After being affected by Alice Tetch's blood, Barnes — who was easily the most moral character on the show — decided to take the law into his own hands and pursue criminals in his own manner, which usually resulted in a gruesome death fro the perp involved. Although he is under the influence of the infected blood, Barnes on some level thought about pursuing his now brand of justice and the blood has simply allowed him to make those dark thoughts a reality.

Initially, it looked like Captain Barnes was going to become Bane but it's more likely that his character is Gotham's own attempt at The Judge — a Batman villain primarily known for his appearance in the final episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Like Barnes, the Judge would utter "I am the Law." Barnes used this quotation several times throughout this one episode.

[Via WB]
[Via WB]

Elsewhere, Selina had her own issues to deal with but I found it hard to concentrate on her scenes when something else was on my mind. We've all noted the physical resemblance between Camren Bicondova who plays Selina on the show and Michelle Pfeiffer who played the role on Batman Returns but I felt that it was more apparent than ever in this episode.

Maybe it's just me, but with Selina sporting a similar hairstyle to Pfeiffer's signature Batman Returns hairstyle, the character resembled her big screen counterpart more than ever before. The similarity is uncanny.

[Via FOX/WB]
[Via FOX/WB]

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Unanswered Questions

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]
  • Does Ed really know that Oswald is behind Isabella's death and he is playing along? Or does he not suspect Oswald at all? For being extremely intelligent, Nygma is missing what's right in front of him, although I don't mind — at least there is still some hope for .
  • Has Ivy only aged physically? Judging from her responses, the character's new appearance is only physical and she still has the mental capacity of a twelve year old girl — if this isn't rectified then it's rather odd and disturbing, especially considering the fact that she's seducing men to get what she wants. Remember in the comics, Ivy is an intellectually gifted botanist — we want to see her seduce people with her brains too!
  • Is this the end of Barnes? The police captain has been a mainstay of the show since Season 2 and Michael Chiklis is credited as a series regular. Barnes is now safely locked away in Arkham but will he get a cure for his blood infection and return to his moral ways?
[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]
  • Are Bruce and Selina actually a couple? It appears that the pair are going through a very modern type of relationship where they fear labelling it. Bruce wants them to be seen as boyfriend and girlfriend but Selina is on the fence about the whole thing.
  • What's the key for? Will it lead to the answers that Bruce has been seeking since the series first began?
  • Is Gordon going to make a move on Lee? The pair shared a rather intimate moment that resulted in some awkwardness. I hope they get back together, Mario just isn't right for her.
  • Have we seen the last of the Mad Hatter? The brilliant Benedict Samuel has made the character his own with the show opting for a much darker version of Jervis Tetch. Tetch has been the best thing about the third season and Samuel is also credited as a series regular. The character was captured several weeks ago and has made brief appearances in Arkham since but I can't help but think that there is still more of this story left to tell.

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

There's not many episodes of Gotham left before the mid-season finale and with the Court of Owls on their way to wreak havoc on Bruce's life we could be in for one hell of a showdown.

Next week's episode will also see the return of former city crime boss Carmine Falcone and Ed and Oswald are going to go after Butch to get justice for Isabella — but will Ed discover the truth? Only time will tell.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. What did you think of "The Executioner"? Tell me in the comment section below.


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