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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

We're ten episodes into the third season of Gotham yet the hit series shows no signs of slowing down as we approach the mid-season finale. This season of the drama has continued to explore the Batman mythology in detail with characters such as the Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy, however it has also taken things in a completely new and original direction with the Captain Barnes storyline as well as the suggested romance between Nygma and Penguin.

This week's episode, "Time Bomb" was one of the most explosive — see what I did there? — episodes yet as Ed tried to exact revenge on Butch and Tabitha, both of which he blames for the death of his beloved Isabella — he really has no idea that Penguin is the one responsible for this. Elsewhere, Bruce and Selina continued to investigate the key and Gordon investigated who was behind the attack on Mario, Lee's annoying fiancé.

Easter Eggs

  • The Court of Owls presence has been largely felt throughout Gotham's second and third seasons but the latest episode was the most important yet. Bruce figured out the mysterious group run Gotham City from behind closed doors. The Court of Owls were created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and were first introduced in Batman #2 back in 2011 as part of The New 52 reboot.
  • The Whisper Gang — who are enemies of The Court of Owls — are also comic book characters. They are a Ukrainian mob that controls the subway lines in Gotham City, taking tolls from passengers. They were first introduced in Batman #3 in 2012 and were also created by Synder/Capullo.
[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]
  • Barbara referred to Penguin as "Pengy," a name that has been used in reference to the Penguin in several Batman adaptations over the years, most notably Burgess Meredith's unforgettable version of the character from the classic '60s Batman TV Series and companion film.
  • Bruce wore a turtle neck in the latest episode, a type of clothing that was often worn by the Michael Keaton version of the character from Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns.

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Batastic Quotes

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]

Penguin tires to intimidate Barbara into surrendering:

"How about this? You lower your gun and beg my forgiveness for this gross insubordination and I might let you walk out of here alive."

Barbara chats to Olga about Penguin's feelings for Nygma:

"Wait. You mean likes likes? Wow, okay we should definitely revisit that another time."

Barbara talking to the bondage guy:

"Do you like role play Todd? Good."

Ed taunting Butch while Tabitha holds the switch to kill him:

"I'm not the one you should be pleading with. Your life is in her — hand."

The Whisper Gang addressing Bruce about his enemies:

"The people you are talking about have no honor and they will betray you as they betrayed us. We work to destroy them. They call themselves the Court of Owls."

Falcone chats with The Court of Owls leader Catherine:

"We both know the level of disruption I can cause."

Unanswered Questions

[Via FOX]
[Via FOX]
  • Will Ed finally realize that it was Penguin behind Isabella's death now that he knows that Butch was not the culprit? If so, that'll really dash our hopes.
  • Does Lee want Gordon back? Everyone knows that Gordon wants Lee but he's maintaining his distance in an attempt to let her move on with her life — seriously, not cool, Jim. However, it was definitely suggested in this week's episode that Lee would've left Mario if Gordon had asked her to.
  • What's Mario involved in? Gotham spent almost every episode of Season 3 securing Mario as a moral character with no corruption or involvement with his father's criminality but now the Court of Owls want him dead — why?
  • How did Mario get infected with the Alice Tetch virus? Mario showed symptoms of anger, as well as hearing voices in his head, which doesn't bode well for the character. More importantly, how will this affect him — he has clear disdain for Jim Gordon but will he pursue Jim with intent to kill him? Let's hope not, otherwise we'll be in for Barnes vs Gordon: Round II.
  • Will Lee and Mario get married? It's the big wedding next week but will it happen?
  • What will Barbara do with the knowledge of Penguin's feelings for Nygma?
  • Can Barbra and Tabitha please have their own spin-off? Barbara has had one of the greatest transformations in TV history and she is without a doubt the best character on the show.

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

There's not many episodes left before Gotham goes off the air for it's mid-season break so there is no doubt that the next few episodes will be explosive. With Mario and Lee's wedding approaching and Barbara's knowledge of Penguin's feelings for Ed, the citizens of Gotham could be in for one hell of a Christmas. There will also likely be a war between Ed and Penguin that could rip Gotham city apart — Gordon and Bullock will certainly have their work cut out for them. Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks?

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. What did you think of "Time Bomb"? Tell me in the comment section below.


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