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Since Gotham was but a twinkle in creator Bruno Heller's eye, the show's entire purpose has been to tell Bruce Wayne's origin story, building up to the moment where he finally pulls on Batman's cowl. Despite high ratings for Season 3, a new trailer titled 'The Transformation Begins' suggests that this climatic development may hit Gotham sooner than we thought...

"I've been waiting a long time for you to begin your journey."

Echoing the words of basically anyone who's ever seen the show, Raymond J. Barry's Shamanic character tells a young Bruce Wayne that people are afraid, explaining that Gotham needs a protector.

While we're unlikely to see the Caped Crusader decked out in his fetching black ensemble just yet, the clip suggests that Bruce is about to finally embark on the journey that turns into Batman. However, there's another darker possibility that would arguably make far more sense this early on in Gotham's run; one that even the World's Greatest Detective may find tricky to solve.

What If The Shaman Is Training Bruce Wayne's Clone, Subject 514A?

Gotham [Credit: Fox]
Gotham [Credit: Fox]

Contrary to popular belief, is no stranger to the more absurd aspects of comic book lore, something which Gotham has embraced with open arms. Case in point, Season 2 saw a clone of Bruce Wayne escape confinement along with the rest of Professor Hugo Strange's bizarre experiments, flooding into Gotham City.

The last we saw of Subject 514A was when The Court of Owls took him under their wing, suggesting that Bruce Wayne's clone may be up to no good. According to Deadline, the Shaman we saw in the clip above also holds "sinister" intentions, so we wouldn't be surprised if he's working alongside The Court of Owls to train their latest recruit. With his enhanced reflexes and immunity to pain, Subject 514A could potentially become a dangerous foe for the real Bruce Wayne, whose investigation into the Court of Owls may soon prompt retribution.

Gotham [Credit: Fox]
Gotham [Credit: Fox]

Back when the show first started, creator Bruno Heller explained to The Wrap that would always focus on the man behind the mask, instead of Batman himself;

“For me I always lose interest as soon as he gets into the costume. You can’t tell human stories with super-humans in the frame.”

If that's the case, then it seems unlikely that Gotham would start Batman's journey so early on. It would make far more sense to pull a misdirect here, revealing that this proto-Batman is none other than Subject 514A, positioning him as a villain for the rest of Season 3.

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Think that theory is crazier than the residents of Arkham Asylum? What would you say if we suggested that Subject 514A's training will lead him to become none other than Hush himself, the villain who destroyed his life in the comics? We've already seen a younger version of Tommy Elliott appear on the show, and his comic book counterpart did undergo plastic surgery to look like Bruce. Gotham regularly reimagines the origins of Batman's greatest villains, so a new clone story featuring Hush isn't outside the realms of possibility.

Whether you believe that this theory is bats**t crazy or not, we're excited to see how the events of the trailer play out when Gotham returns to our screens with 'How the Riddler Got His Name' on April 24.


Do you think that the trailer depicts Bruce Wayne's clone in training?

(Sources: Deadline, The Wrap. Poll Image Credit: Fox)


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