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This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Bruce Wayne has been on quite a journey since 's first season and the character has experienced an incredible transformation, evolving from a terrified young boy into an experienced and skilled warrior.

Since the hit Fox series returned in April, Bruce has been kidnapped by the Court of Owls and taken to a remote location to train with a mysterious, older mentor. During the episode that aired a few weeks back, it was revealed that this man is actually preparing the young billionaire to become Gotham's watchful protector.

However, things took a terrifying turn in tonight's episode when the old man revealed his true motives behind training —to get revenge on the city. During a private conversation with Catherine, the head of the Court of Owls, the old man informed her that Bruce bought their cover story. This suggests that he is not training Bruce for a noble purpose, instead he is manipulating the young Wayne on the Court's behalf to do as they bid—I think we can assume that they have evil plans in store for Bruce.

During another scene, the old man told an unconscious Bruce that "he's been waiting a long time for this" and that "Gotham will pay." This suggests that Batman's origin is not going to happen the way we expected it.

Will Bruce Become Batman Trying To Stop The Court?

While the Court have successfully tricked the young Bruce into thinking they are using him to protect Gotham, perhaps the young boy will use those great detective skills of his and figure out their heinous plan to "cleanse" the city before it's set in motion. Regardless of the Court's intention, they've given the boy a unique set of fighting skills so he's more than capable of taking on the well-trained assassins of the Court and winning. If this does turn out to be the case, then Bruce could end up becoming the watchful protector in order to defeat the Court of Owls.

Remember, mythology aside, this won't be the first time that Bruce has saved the city on Gotham. It's only been a couple of months since the young billionaire single-handledly defeated the terrifying Jerome Valeska, putting an end to his reign of terror.

Is Bruce's Protector Really Ra's Al Ghul?

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

While Ra's al Ghul is headed to Gotham later in the season, there is evidence to suggest that Bruce's teacher could actually be Ra's al Ghul himself, masquerading as an older man. The most significant similarity between the two characters is that Bruce's teacher possesses great skill and precision in his abilities, as well as a love for the occult, just like Ra's al Ghul.

Moreover, if this theory comes to pass then Gotham would be borrowing from the 2005 film Batman Begins in which Henri Ducard, Bruce Wayne's teacher and confidante, reveals himself to actually be Ra's al Ghul. As we saw with the Batman Returns reference in last week's episode, Gotham is no stranger to honoring the Batman adaptations that have come before.

Regardless of what happens, the Court is preparing to unleash a deadly virus on the citizens of Gotham and, whether they succeed or not, things will never be the same. While Jim Gordon searches for a way to put a stop to the villainous cult, perhaps it will be Bruce Wayne that stops the Court of Owls and thus becomes that watchful protector that Gotham so desperately needs.

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