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Gotham delivered an incredible third season this year and it went out with a bang on Monday with an explosive two hour finale that saw several deaths, Bruce becoming the caped crusader and Selina embracing her inner Catwoman. However, among all the chaos that plagued the streets of Gotham, there was another huge moment that you probably missed.

Fish Mooney's former bodyguard Butch Gilzean finally had enough of being ordered around by Barbara Keane. In an attempt to reclaim some of his dignity, he hatched a plan with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Tabitha — only to discover that Barbara was one step ahead. In a rather shocking moment, Barbara pulled the trigger and shot Butch right between the eyes. However, as devastating as it was, that wasn't the disturbing part.

Butch Isn't Who He Says He Is

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

It didn't take long for Gotham to reveal that Butch had actually survived the shot and, while lying unconscious in a hospital bed, two doctors discussed the identity of their patient. Like us viewers at home, one of the medics was certain that it was crime boss Butch Gilzean lying in the bed below them. The other debated, checking the chart. According to him, the identity of the patient was Cyrus Gold.

Fans of the mythology will know that Cyrus Gold is actually Solomon Grundy! Bet you didn't see that coming, huh? Neither did we, and if Butch — or should we say Cyrus, or maybe Solomon — awakes in Season 4 then he isn't going to be too pleased with Barbara Keane. That is, of course, if Barbara managed to survive the freaky electrocution.

Who Is Solomon Grundy?

Batman Comics [Credit: DC Comics]
Batman Comics [Credit: DC Comics]

In the Batman comics, Solomon Grundy was a murder victim that was brought back to life — essentially, he's a zombie of some sort. Grundy was initially an enemy of the Green Lantern's but in subsequent years he has featured more prominently as a villain of both Batman and Superman. One of the more famous version of the character was seen in the 2005 animated series The Batman. He is named after the famous nursery rhyme.

Considering Butch was essentially murdered by Barbara, Grundy's comic origin could easily translate to screen as Butch comes back to life to seek revenge. Moreover, with Gotham returning in the fall, he could rise at Halloween, much like the character did in The Batman. One things for sure, Gotham city will never be the same again!

Gotham returns in the fall. Are you excited to see Solomon Grundy on Gotham? Tell us in the comment section below.


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