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Only a two-hour season finale remains for Season 3 of Gotham. The weirdness has been at an all-time high with resurrections, viruses, and mind control. Here's where we're headed for this season's finale:

Ra's Al Ghul Will Appear

The true mastermind behind the Court of Owls and the plan involving Bruce Wayne and unleashing the Tetch virus on is revealed. Now played by Alexander Siddig (you may remember him as Doran Martell from Game of Thrones), how will this take on the character differ from Liam Neeson's take in Batman Begins and other incarnations of the legendary character? The plot to use a virus against Gotham and Bruce to execute such "justice" does seem pretty similar to the plot of Batman Begins, but I'm confident Gotham will provide a unique twist.

Firefly And Mr. Freeze Now Working For Fish Mooney

Tough luck, Penguin. Two of your only allies against Nygma are now working for Fish Mooney. While Penguin was experimented on by Hugo Strange, the experiment failed and, most importantly, Penguin did not become a "monster" because of Strange's experiments. Mr. Freeze and Firefly share a bond with Fish in that they all became "monsters" through Strange's experiments. The three of them united is bad news for Strange, but what is Fish's plan now, and what does she need from Mr. Freeze, Firefly, and, above all, Penguin?

Selina In Total Catwoman Mode

Selina's development into her iconic source material has been a gradual process. While her motives and allegiances at this point may be unclear, we see her dressing and acting like her comic counterpart in this clip. Just as Edward Nygma has become entrenched in his identity as the Riddler, Selina will be taking a major step towards becoming entrenched in her identity as Catwoman in the season finale.

Will The Villains Need To Save The Day?

With Jim and Lee infected by the virus and letting the darkness consume them, two of our reliable heroes are sidelined from saving the day. With the generally righteous and honorable Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins performing evil deeds, might the villainous likes of Penguin, Nygma, or Barbara need to step up and save Gotham? We've seen plenty of darkness from Jim, but never on quite this scale. Thus, it's particularly interesting to watch Lee explore this path, and furthermore, the possibility that someone like Barbara might need to save Gotham from her. Talk about a role reversal.

A Decisive Moment For Bruce Wayne

The promo ends with Bruce standing on a building that overlooks Gotham. It's a classic Batman image and yet we know right now Bruce is actually performing evil deeds. He is far from being Batman at the moment, but will he snap out of the mind control and take a critical step towards saving Gotham and becoming the Caped Crusader? He'll get there eventually, but in this decisive moment it'll be interesting to see if the show has him break out or continue to fall down a darker path.

What other moments stood out to you in the promo? What predictions do you have for the Season 3 finale?

Gotham's two-hour Season 3 finale airs Monday, June 5 on Fox.


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