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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

The third season of Gotham has already dealt with some pretty big Batman storylines and characters, from The Mad Hatter's arrival to The Penguin becoming mayor of the Gotham. However, the hit FOX series has saved the best for last: Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska finally made his much-anticipated return to the show.

Last night's brand new episode saw Jerome, now fully resurrected, begin taking control of Gotham city. As he completes his transformation into the Joker, there's much more action left to come. If the preview for next week's winter finale is anything to go by, then we're in for one hell of a ride. Take a look below.

Last night's episode concluded with Jerome creating an explosion which shut off all of the power in the city, leaving Gotham shrouded in darkness. With the manhunt underway to capture Jerome before he can cause anymore harm, Jim Gordon will likely have his hands full — but what sinister surprises will Jerome have up his sleeve in next week's winter finale?

Jerome Channels His Inner Joker

Jerome is starting to look more like his comic book counterpart. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome is starting to look more like his comic book counterpart. [Credit: FOX]

Ever since Jerome made his first appearance on the show, rumors have been flying that the character would become Gotham's version of The Joker. However, when Jerome was killed off back in Season 2, it looked like there was no truth to this rumor. However, once Jerome's return was confirmed back in August, the speculation began again — did this confirmation mean that Jerome was the true Joker of Gotham's universe after all?

After months of teasers, Jerome has finally returned and judging from the preview for next week's finale, it looks as if that transformation is finally set to take place. Not only is Jerome taking over the circus — something that The Joker has done on various occasions across several different Batman stories — but he's also dressed in a colorful suit remiscent of the Joker's classic style, right down to the corsage.

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The Meeting That We've All Been Dying To See

Jerome takes Bruce hostage. [Credit: FOX]
Jerome takes Bruce hostage. [Credit: FOX]

The meeting that we knew would come one day has arrived a lot sooner than expected: Batman vs the Joker. As you can see in the preview, Jerome takes Bruce Wayne hostage. The two had previously been in the same room back in Season 2, when Jerome threatened the future Batman's life. However, that was a long time ago, and Bruce has evolved since then. With the help of Alfred, Bruce has started training. Moreover, he's been going on secret missions alongside Selina Kyle — another sign of his Batman future. With this in mind, could Bruce help Gordon take down Jerome?

Bruce may not ready to defeat the Clown Prince of Crime in combat yet, but this encounter is the ultimate dream for fans of the Batman mythology; I can already tell that watching the two characters engage in conversation is going to be an awe-inspiring moment. It's Batman and The Joker before they fully become their well-known alter egos.

Anything could happen in the winter finale of Gotham, but one thing's for certain: it's going to be explosive. Gotham has had some pretty deadly foes over the past three seasons from Penguin to Nygma to The Mad Hatter but none of them are as dangerous as Jerome and now that he's set to become The Joker, it looks like things are going to get even worse for the citizens of Gotham City. Will Gordon be able to save Bruce before it's too late? Find out in next week's finale — same bat time and same bat channel.

What do you think will happen to Jerome in next week's finale? Tell me in the comment section below.


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