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This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

returned from it's mid-season break this week and, despite the large focus on character, viewers only had one question on their mind: was dead or alive? The winter finale saw Nygma shoot his former best friend in the stomach before pushing him into the ocean, leaving us all desperate to find out the fate of our favourite feathered fink.

The writers cleverly kept us hanging throughout the premiere episode, as Nygma continually experienced hallucinations of Oswald — one of which included a bizarre musical sequence. However, moments before the episode reached its conclusion, we finally got the answer to that riddle and, surprisingly, it wasn't Nygma that gave us said answer. Penguin is alive and he has seemingly formed a new alliance with Ivy Pepper.

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Will The Penguin And Ivy Pepper Team Up?

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Oswald managed to survive his fall into the ocean (again) and was rescued by Ivy Pepper, who cared after him during his hours of need. After awaking from his sleep, the villainous kingpin — complete with a sinister grin — came to the conclusion that someone needed to die and viewers understood that that someone is, in fact, Nygma.

However, as interesting as it'll be to see Penguin going up against his best friend and love of his life, there's something much more interesting and that is the prospect of an Ivy and Penguin alliance. As comic fans know, Oswald will become one of 's biggest enemies in the future as will Ivy, who will eventually become known as Poison Ivy. While both characters are still relatively early on in their criminal careers — specifically Ivy — teaming up could prove lucrative for both parties involved.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Ivy has proven that she has the skills to get what she needs, or wants, and after being absent for a huge portion of the season, perhaps a new friend is exactly what she needs — especially one that could lead her further down that dark path that she is destined to go down. Together, with Penguin's powers and Ivy's abilities, the two could be unstoppable and she could come in extremely handy for Oswald's plan to take down Nygma — he does have a soft spot for green, after all. It's not just us that are fans of the new dynamic duo, the Internet was pretty keen too.

Moreover, all of the greatest Batman comics, series and films feature team-ups from some of the greatest super villains of all time and Gotham is no different, having already featured a team-up between Penguin and Riddler as well as future Catwoman and future Ivy.

Check out a preview for next week's episode:

Gotham has had some great villainous team-ups in the past, but a union between Ivy and Penguin has the power to change the landscape of Gotham forever, and we'd definitely love to see exactly how the two characters could take on the city. Remember, Ivy and Penguin have never come face to face before, so technically the latest episode was the first time these two future super villains have ever met. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, deadly friendship.


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