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(Disclaimer: Spoilers for Gotham below – Enter at your own risk!)

Gotham has finally found its footing after 3 seasons, and has begun to fully embrace the characters that exist in Batman’s universe. The show has always had its hands tied when it comes to everyone’s favorite “Caped Crusader”, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving us a ton of characters that inhabit Gotham City.

We have seen the rise of Penguin, the beginnings of Joker, and even The Court of Owls. One person the show has taken time to develop is Edward Nygma, who is destined to become one of Batman's most notorious super-villains: The Riddler.

Ed Nygma on 'Gotham'. [Credit: Fox]
Ed Nygma on 'Gotham'. [Credit: Fox]

In the Gotham winter finale, Penguin told Nygma of his role in Isabella’s death, and that he loved him. Nygma’s response was less than stellar, and he shot Penguin. This event seems to be the catalyst for Nygma becoming a his alter ego — and thanks to a trailer for the second half of Season 3, we now know Nygma is going to make his debut as The Riddler sooner than we thought.

'How the Riddler Got His Name'

The overall theme of the show since Season 2 has been Gotham’s villains, and it looks like the whole of Batman’s rogue’s gallery will have been operating for years before Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight. In a twist of fate, the villains might “create” Batman, rather than vice versa, as was the case in the comics.

The latter half of this season is sure to be exciting for hardcore Batman fans, as Edward Nygma finally steps out of the shadows to embrace his destiny. A new trailer entitled ‘How the Riddler Got His Name’ shows that Nygma’s decent into madness will culminate with him donning his iconic green suit, and leaving his patented question mark symbol at crime scenes.

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We have seen the questions marks before, but that was merely foreshadowing Nygma embracing his persona. It looks as if a major chunk of the latter half of Season 3 will explore Nygma's journey towards becoming The Riddler. If the show has taught us anything, it’s going to be markedly different from the comics.

The Riddler

Gotham [Credit: FOX]
Gotham [Credit: FOX]

Thanks to some screen capture magic, we got a still image of Edward Nygma in his first iteration of The Riddler suit. The odds are that this is just a prototype, and he will have a dancing plethora of suits throughout the series, but this isn’t bad. It doesn’t have question marks or anything too flamboyant, but it is simple and fits into the world they have built on .

Gotham [Credit: Fox]
Gotham [Credit: Fox]

The picture above is a better look at the jacket, gloves, and tie, that appear to be in the vein of the classic suit The Riddler wore in the comics. Nygma is also wearing a black bowler hat, and it accents the green suit quite well. It looks as if he will not be donning a mask; however, that is not going to be necessary, because every cop in Gotham is going to know who he is when he starts setting up elaborate traps and puzzles. The fact he was infatuated with riddles when he was working in the GCPD certainly won’t help hide his identity either.

This iteration of the Riddler looks more faithful to the current DC Comics iteration than to the Riddler's classic look. Much like capes in The Incredibles, masks have become passé in the world of comic book TV shows.

The Riddler [Credit: DC Comics]
The Riddler [Credit: DC Comics]

The Riddler’s intellect has always been his most dangerous weapon, and he might be too much for the GCPD to handle on their own — too bad Batman is still in school. Sadly, Gotham is on hiatus for a few months, so we must wait until the show delves deeper into Nygma’s decent into madness. Gotham will return Monday April 24, 2017 8PM/ET on FOX.


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