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The last episodes of Gotham Season 2 revealed the presence of a new villain in Gotham City, a female character who appears to be the leader of The Court of Owls. The promo for the first episode of Season 3 also teases her presence (and much more), meaning that the Court of Owls is here to stay. This organization is a strong and very important part of Gotham City as well as Batman's mythology. Since we're all anxious to see how producers will explore this in the upcoming season , there are a few things we need to know about The Court of Owls before watching "It's a Mad, Mad City."

I've tried to answer some of the biggest questions about this organisation here, but please feel free to share with us any other interesting facts about The Court of Owls you know and remember in a comment below.

What IS The Court Of Owls?

The Court Of Owls is considered to be an ancient organization that has controlled Gotham City for generations. They use all existent means to establish their domination, but the most important ones are violence/murder and political influence.

In the Caped Crusader's days, the Court was formed by a bunch of wealthy internationals, with a lot of power, money and influence that also call themselves The Parliament Of Owls.

When Did The Court Make Its First Appearance?

The very first time that The Court Of Owls was mentioned was in Batman #2, in 2011. The first full appearance was made in Batman #5, as part of The New 52. The creators of The Court Of Owls are Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

What's The Liaison Between The Court And The Wayne Family?

The Court sees Bruce Wayne as a threat and they sentence him to death by hiring a Talon to assassinate him, revealing themselves to the Caped Crusader. Bruce cannot be defeated by the Court's attempt to kill him, and he begins to investigate the obscure society. He soon finds out that he has been played for years by the Court's members, who control the economy and politics of Gotham City. He also finds out that the Court was responsible for the murder of his parents because The Wayne family was always seen as a threat or an obstruction in the Court's plans. The war between Batman and the Court has not ended, this organization being a top villain for Gotham City and its Dark Knight.

What Is A Talon?

A Talon is a highly trained assassin that the members of the Court employ to get their dirty jobs done. The talons are the ones that murder the Court's enemies with cruel and merciless methods, being extremely loyal in serving the Court's interests.

What Were The Court's On-Screen Appearances So Far?

The Court Of Owls was featured only two times on-screen until now. They made their first appearance in the animated movie Batman vs. Robin, in April, 2015. In this movie, the conflict between Batman and The Court was very well explored, the comic book crossover story arc used for the film being Batman: Night Of The Owls.

The second appearance of The Court was in Gotham Season 2, in the last episodes of the season. Here, as we already know, the presence of the Court was revealed by a female character wearing an owl mask and acting like a commanding power in Gotham City.

We get a glimpse at her in Hugo Strange's office, when she contacts him. Apparently, Dr. Strange's experiments are also lead by The Court. We also get hints that the Court is also responsible for the actions of Theo Galavan, the attempt to kill young Bruce Wayne and the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

It is very exciting to finally have the presence of The Court in the Gotham Universe, and I personally look forward to see how the show will develop this story arc in Season 3.


Are you excited to see how the presence of The Court Of Owls in Gotham City will impact the show?


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