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Gotham may be building its own unique version of the Batman narrative, but the latest two episodes of the hit Fox series have taken quite a few steps in regards to Bruce Wayne's evolution from young boy to Caped Crusader. The fourth season of the Batman prequel series began last week, setting the wheels in motion for Bruce to become Gotham's watchful protector. This week's episode took things to the next level as the young boy found himself taking on the low-life criminals of the corrupt underworld.

After being apprehended by the GCPD in last week's installment, Bruce found himself in a jail cell at the police department. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take much persuasion for Detective Gordon to allow the young billionaire to go free, but before Bruce could reach the exit he was cornered by an inquisitive Luscious Fox.

Bruce finds his inner — and outer — hero [Credit: Fox]
Bruce finds his inner — and outer — hero [Credit: Fox]

Fox was interested in why Bruce was patrolling rooftops in the middle of the night but the young man managed to cover his tracks by telling Fox that he was searching for Selina Kyle. I will admit it, that was a good save on Bruce's part and certainly suggests he's growing accustomed to lying about his whereabouts — something that fans will know Bruce Wayne is very good at.

Fox was more interested as to why there was rock residue on Bruce's coat and Alfred (who is unfortunately not very good at lying) said it was because Bruce had been rock climbing. Fox played along, allowing Bruce and Alfred to leave the building but viewers could tell that Fox didn't believe them. In a relatively shocking twist, Fox turned up at Wayne Manor later in the episode, just as Alfred was scolding Bruce for nearly getting himself killed. Fox told Bruce that their conversation earlier had left him a little unnerved, before handing Bruce a gift. Bruce opened it the briefcase, revealing a slick, lightweight, bulletproof outfit that is perfect for crime fighting. And thus, Batman was born.

We've Seen Origin Story This Before

Luscious and Bruce in 'Batman Begins' [Credit: Warner Bros]
Luscious and Bruce in 'Batman Begins' [Credit: Warner Bros]

While Gotham is a relatively unique and original take on the Batman origin story, this isn't the first time that we've seen Luscious Fox aid Bruce in his transformation from young billionaire to crime fighting crusader. Christopher Nolan's iconic Dark Knight trilogy featured a similar storyline, in which Morgan Freeman's version of Luscious helped Christian Bale's Bruce to become the hero that Gotham needed.

Moreover, in this universe Fox also provides Bruce with all of his tech and gadgets, much like Gotham's version of the character did in the latest episode. Much like the version of the character, 's Luscious is also unaware (or at least pretends to be unaware) of what Bruce is getting up to during the late hours of the night, but this doesn't stop him from helping the young billionaire protect the city. In a bizarre coincidence, this isn't the only storyline that Gotham is currently borrowing from the Nolan-verse, the Scarecrow's character arc is significantly similar to the one seen in Nolan's Batman Begins.

While the youngster still has a long way to go before he can fully transform into the Caped Crusader, Bruce has made massive progress and, with Alfred now able to communicate with him during his crime fighting escapades, we're pretty sure that the hero Gotham city needs is on the way. Hopefully Luscious will join the fight too because with Jonathan Crane on the loose, Gotham needs as many heroes as it can get!

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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