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All eyes were on the Season 3 finale of Gotham recently, as actor David Mazouz exclusively confirmed to us that Harley Quinn would make her debut in the final episode. Producer John Stephens had already said as much back in January, which made Harley Quinn's absence in the explosive finale all the more surprising.

In some ways though, it's actually rather fitting that the Clown Princess of Crime didn't make her conspicuous debut on Gotham in Season 3. As we all know, Harley Quinn doesn't exactly enjoy playing by the rules, so why should her supposed non-appearance on the show come as much of surprise?

However, in the weeks since the finale aired, a growing number of fans have started to suspect that we did in fact see Harley Quinn on the show, after all. As always, the prime suspect is Barbara Kean, whose electrocution in the finale could be what finally turns her into the Clown Princess of Crime — assuming, of course, that she survived. This does make sense, as actress Erin Richards did already hint before that a dramatic event would be needed to kickstart that transformation. However, we have a strong hunch that Harley Quinn could turn out to be someone else entirely; someone who's been under our noses this whole time...

Harley Quinn, Har-LEE Quinn?

Eagle-eyed fans on the lookout for new characters who could become Harley Quinn didn't find any noteworthy clues in the Gotham Season 3 finale.. unless, of course, Ra's al Ghul suddenly finds himself questioning more than just his fashion choices.

That just leaves the existing characters on the show. While you don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective to see how Barbara Kean has been set up as the most obvious suspect, there's one other woman on the show who could surprise us all and end up becoming Harley Quinn in Season 4.

Remind yourself of Harley Quinn's greatest hits in the clip below:

Yes, if you haven't guessed it already, we're talking about Lee Thompkins, the loveable doctor who turned to villainy when she injected the Tetch virus into herself following the death of her husband, Mario. Sure, Lee seemed like she had reverted back to normal in the Season 3 finale, even promising that she would leave City, but that still doesn't rule her out of the running. After all, this isn't the first time that Thompkins has made this vow, so we wouldn't be surprised if actress Morena Baccarin returns in Season 4 — perhaps with her very own puddin' in tow.

Aside from the obvious similarities in name, Lee's medical training also hints that she may become Harley Quinn at some stage. Sure, Thompkins isn't a professional psychologist like Harley was, but she's practised medicine in this capacity while working alongside the GCPD’s medical department. Furthermore, guilt over her actions under the influence of the Tetch virus, or even grief over the death of Mario at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, could certainly cause a shift in her sanity. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to see her transform into the Clown Princess of Crime.

In the comics, an older version of Lee becomes a trusted ally of Batman, acting as a surrogate parent who stitches the Caped Crusader up when he's in need of medical attention. However, Gotham has already deviated from canon in this respect, so it wouldn't be surprising if the show reimagines Lee's future entirely. After all, we still don't even know if Jerome is officially the Joker, (even though all signs point to this). What if the clues that suggest Barbara Kean will become are all part of a wider misdirect that involves the Clown Prince of Crime too?

Sure, there could still be some truth to the idea that Barbara's "death" in the Season 3 finale will result in her villainous rebirth, but it would be far smarter of Gotham to surprise fans with a twist. As it is, we already can't get the sight of Thompkins's virus-induced smile out of our minds.

Gotham [Credit: Fox]
Gotham [Credit: Fox]

Who do you think Harley Quinn will be in Season 4 of Gotham? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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