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Despite Bruce Wayne barely being old enough to drive the Batmobile, Gotham hasn't been shy about introducing some pretty iconic Batman villains — even though Jerome was never labeled as Joker and the Harley Quinn rumors proved to be false. The show has featured the origins of a number of other villains, such as: Azrael, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy and, of course, his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selina Kyle (Catwoman). As the third season came to a close, Gotham dropped a major bomb that revealed Butch Gilzean's (Drew Powell) true identity to be Cyrus Gold.

Cyrus Gold is better known as rogue Solomon Grundy. Fans won't see this new version of Butch in the opener, but according to producer John Stephens things will be very different for the former underling.

"He’s been in a vegetative state at Gotham General and so in order to clear up space for more beds, the administrators at the hospital have him dumped in Slaughter Swamp... So he emerges reborn out of Slaughter Swamp as the character we know as Solomon Grundy.”

Furthermore, EW revealed that there will be an unlikely bond forged between Gold and his former nemesis Ed Nygma.

"We begin the story of a very unlikely friendship between these two who are sworn enemies but now, all of a sudden in season 4, are best friends as they move through Gotham.”

Season 4 is undoubtedly shaping up to be a great season for Gotham, as we'll get to see yet another villain origin story. However, before we get to know Cyrus Gold we must remember the life of Butch Gilzean.

Butch Goes From Henchman To Solomon Grundy

'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]
'Gotham' [Credit: Fox]

Gilzean was once a devout henchman for Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett) before he was brainwashed by Victor Zsasz thanks to Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin). No longer loyal to Mooney, Butch would go on to become the right hand (pun-intended) to Gotham's new boss: Penguin. After Penguin's death, Butch briefly took over until his return. When it appeared that Penguin, now the mayor of Gotham, preferred Ed Nygma over Butch, the former underling took matters into his own hands — well, hand.

Butch hired some thugs to portray the Red Hood gang to sabotage Gotham's new mayor so that he could look like the hero, but his plan backfired. Butch would avoid jail time after Tabitha rescues him, but his greed for power once again got in the way. When he and his sometimes beau attempt to overthrow Barbra however, he was shot and left in a coma at Gotham General.

Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, took ill on Thursday, grew worse on Friday, died on Saturday, buried on Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

It appears that Grundy's origin on Gotham is similar to his comic book counterpart, as they both will emerge from Slaughter Swamp. In the comics, Grundy is a powerful walking corpse who rose from the dead thanks to the cursed Slaughter Swamp. The superzombie has tangled not only tangled with The Dark Knight but he even fought Flash, Hawkgirl, Atom and, most notably, Superman.

Unlike his Gotham counterpart, the DC Comics Gold was chased to the body dumping grounds by an angry mob. Stephens mention Gold not having any memory of his past life, which is also a nod to the comics, as Grundy can't remember anything except that he was born on a Monday.

Unfortunately for Grundy, he won't be born on Monday. Gotham moved to Thursday night at 8:00pm on Fox, with Season 4 set to premiere September 21.

What do you want to see happen in Gotham Season 4?

(Source: EW)


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