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As the Bat-Signal shines bright above the city skyline on the cusp of Gotham Season 4, fans of the Caped Crusader have been treated to one final trailer just before the new run of episodes. With darkness looming over the Dark Knight, Season 4 of the acclaimed superhero prequel will see Fox tackle two of the most infamous storylines to grace the pages of DC.

If you though the veritable bloodbath of 's Season 3 finale was bad enough, prepare to take on Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween for a macabre dip into the mean streets of the crime-riddled city. As Bruce Wayne emerges from the Batcave to take flight, Jim Gordon is left to hold the peace, and it looks like all of Gotham is poised to fall apart.

Bat-ter Up

Although the first half of the footage comes from previous episodes as a refresher on how Season 3 ended, there is also enough new material to fill a Batcave. Butch Gilzean is lurking in the shadows and ready to emerge as Solomon Grundy, we glimpse the arrival of the Gotham City Sirens, and Bruce finally suits up in his first "My Baby Batman" outfit. We even get the ultimate payoff as Lucius Fox unveils Bruce's suit in all its glory and thankfully sans rubber nipples.

Elsewhere, Camren Bicondova does her best Michelle Pfeiffer to channel pure 1992 Tim Burton as the ass-kicking Catwoman, while Barbara Kean has (unsurprisingly) survived her brush with death to sport a sassy new haircut. With Fish Mooney dead, Penguin is ready to climb to the top of the iceberg and claim Gotham for himself, while the Riddler is still "cooling off" after his frosty finale farewell. The trailer teases that we should expect the body count to rise, and there are some fear-inducing scenes to ramp up the Halloween element of The Long Halloween.

The trailer notably highlights the return of Charlie Tahan as Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow. Just as Season 3 honed in on Mad Hatter as its de facto Big Bad, we are ready to face a whole new nightmare courtesy of Crane and his fear gas. Note that there is a decidedly Batman Begins feels to the clips thanks to the inclusion of Scarecrow, but also with the cinematic way in which the final trailer is filmed. While Gotham may never be able to match the Nolanverse, giving us Crane, more Ra's al Ghul, and Bruce's first foray into the Batman persona, it looks like we will really see Batman "begin" to take shape this time on Gotham.


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